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The Necessity Of A Liberty Party

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We need such a party . ' 1 . To resist, and ul'.iniately to rectify the unequal representation of the slave States in the National Lcgislature. One slaveholder, in sonoe cases, has as much politica! power as two, ihree, and (our iiorthern voters. 3. To secure a just share of the nntional treasuros, which may be divided aroong the States from time to time. In the recent división of the proceeds of the public land?, the wholo South receives $364,000 a yoar for holding elaves. In some States, each freeman receives nearly doublé the portion of each nortJiern ireetnan. S. To secnre their just shnre of the nationa! óppöintrnentsi to oflicc. Th.e. North' is cntitled to two tliirc's of all the appoint-' monts, accüruingr to free population, os folio ws:. - Free popuhlicn of 13 freo States 8,G,75L: " of 13 slave States 4,8 12.873 Biffereuctv 4,840,389:v by is it, (hen, that the slave staies hav had a Prosulent tbr forty years, while th froe statos have been cut down to iwelvi years? The elavc etates have had a spealj er of the House for 27 out of 30 years, an have secured it ngain for tivo years more And the t-fneea of tho Government hnve distributed pretty generoüy in the Fiuns proportion. Whjr sbould these ihings Iw m] ïs the North to be alwnys a conquercd province? To put an end to the Florida War, whicli hns eostusaccording to Mr. Gidding'a statement, about S40,000,9üO and to secure us ngainst commencing any more wars for the defonce of slaveholding. The Florida war never would have been heard. of, had siavery not been in existence; und yt the Nortli paya some 25 or 30 miJüons" of the expense, without objecfing a word. ■ 5. To establish some regular system of finnncc. Nothing permanent can bfe secured by legislation, while an ever redtless slave Jabor interest is prepared to subvert every system of nalionaJ finonce, as often as. ts fanciedinterestsmay díctate. 0. To protect our civil and poli, ical rights. i Both parties have deprived,us of the right' of pelition. and are prepared to go any! engths agaiiiBt our libenics which the south' vill require, and uhieh the North will subs! nut to. The party n. power must bow' "wn to the slavelioljder in order to keep in otver; whiie the minority will be more obequioua stijl to obtain ii. Such parties do, ' nd always will, care for power f ar more th.anfor the ni.obT8 or ïnierests of the peopleWo lo iprcncnis sucii parcy á vvi)l sacriiice the righfs of his constiluents to the mtoreèts of hls party. What a demonstra tion of thia liave wc seen in the establishment of a National Gag! Established by the very par.: ty -most favorable to Jiberty." 7. Todo away with all proslavery legislation, n the State and national Legislatures. This will ncvor be done by the Representative3 of the Whig or Democratie parlies.- What members of Congrcss of these parties have avowed ihemeelves in favor of the abor ütion of elavery and manselhng in the National District?; O, eay tliey, Cuch a'move ??ujd endnnger our Pautt! The South would be iiighlt? displeased, and would join ItJO other party immediately and we should se ruined!8. To secure to the moral and rchgiou part of comoianity, that influeacc n iho af faire ofguverninunt to wiiich it is justJy en tulod, and to procure the nomination.of can 4da.ica for pubüc offices of such a charac.lei that thosc who value tnnh and juslice car consistenily volo lor them. U is not to b{ iisguised, that, to a great ex;.ent, m times pnel, such lias not been the case. Efïorts have been rnado by political partizans to crowd out that class frum tlie admiotralion of governmer.t, by nominating drinking, Ogliting, gambling, Jjcentious, duelling, profane, dtsJuie candjd.tes. Tho conequence natural y was that those u-ho have tho moral welfare of cominunity at heart either btayed mj trom the polls, 01, by party zca!, werc inducedto vote for mi vvhom their conscences pould not approve. It was accm.nted fef u religious man to tako a prominent part in politics. Not long 8,nce we heard un iníluential minister of the GosPH, m a pubhc dtscourse, expresaing his' Sroatrcgretrhat Christians shuuld eiTcraee .rominent!y, as leaders, in political contsts. : 5Sí?ÜÍ? WHnLí'd ls.a Paily Pledged to'cer.ain great Oljects, which God appToves, andfor ihe success of which iiis blessin may bs eonsigiently aeked, and whose candidatee sholl be me of probity and uprighu nese. luto such a political combinaron, evexy Ohrislian may enter without fear, to llie tuil oxtent of his powcrs, and feel that he h.boin herving God, and laboiincr for the ocst nuerests or his fellow men. In euch a cause; ie need not fear to be enprossed. His pohucal duties and effarts, while thus directed, will hccome u component part of rus rcligious ftjeüngs. There is reasoiTto believo that the objects OJ the Liberty party, and the unexceptiona We roaimer m ivhieh Ihey are advocatod, will yet secure to its ranks all vcho really ïave the good of their country at lieart.- Lquai narhta, equal and exact justice to al] men, and no exclusive privileges or immunities, are principies wliich commend themeelves to the underslanding and conscience olevery patriot, and will when fully appreciated, secure his undivided and hcarty cooperation,