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Hillsdale Co. Liberty Convention

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At a meting of iho friends of I.,iberly at the Joneville House in the village" of Jonesville on the 25th inst. Stephen Nortii Jr., was oppointcd Chairmun, and Win. D. Moore Secretary. After being organised a committee was appoinled to asccrtain who were delégales lo the convention, who reponed the of twenty-two delégate?. A committe consisting of E. Judd, Mr. Muiphy, Mr. Bement was chosen a committee to report resolq - tions. Mr. Ö. Ji. Treadwell of Jackson vas admitled to a seat in the convention nd added to said committee, who repored the following: Whekeas the slave power of this naion is evil nnd wickedly founded upnn all ie crushed righls and liberties of 3,000,00 of innocent human beings, and thus onsiiiutes the mostovenvhelming political monopoly in the land by its constantly and studiously acting in concert in voting for its 3,000,000 of slaves, and whereasthis tremendous political slave monopoly has long rigidly controlled the leading nationil politicians of both the oíd partios, and through thera has as rigidly controlled the press, the politics, nnd fiinally all the best interests of the country, and wherens it is now fuliy demonstrated by painful and dear experience, that whenever cither of the old parties have nominated and clected to public trust tho professed friends ofequai .uiDerty, the tew national leaders of these partios being wholly under the inflaence of the controlüng slave power of this nation, have uniformly controlled the votes and the services of such professed friends of equal lib.erty for the special ben efit of slavery, and to thegreat wjuiry of Northern rights and libcrties; therefore resolved, that the time has fully come when all the true friends of the slave and the redemption of the subverted libertics of nominally frec peopie in onr countr)r, should at once break offtheir long accustomed lolheirold parties which have thus so adroilly beea controlled by the slave power and thoroughlv organizé themseives into an independent party. Resolved, That American slavery with all its tillcndant consequences is nnt only a social, but nlso a politica! evil is sustained and perpetuated by political action and can only be overthrown by the same. Resolved, That while moral and religious influences are proper means to be used to remove this great national evil, thosc who use them are not necessarily debarred from using them at the polls. Resolved, That it is the duty of all moral and religious persons to retain their morality and religión in the use of the electivo franchise as wcll as at other times. Resolved, That we approvo of the nomir.ation of James G. Birney for Presiden! and Thomas Morris for Vice President, at the next Presidential election and we will cordially co-operate with our brethren in the land of liberty in our efforls for their election. Resolved, That wc will use all reasonable and lawful measures to secure the election of Jabez S. Fitch, for Governor, and Nathan Power, for Lt. Governor at the ensuin election. Messrs. Trcadwell, Smith, Murphy and Judd addressed the meeting and after the discussions of the resolutions they were idopted, and the convention was ndjourned to mnot again nexiSaturday at the same )lace fac the purpnse of making nominaions fur county oflices, and to give notice o the several towns to send delegates to he convention.S. NORTH, Jr. Chairman. W. D. Moore, Sccretary. Jonesville, Sept. 25th 1841. The Bntish government has issued an order prohihiting all Bntish suhjects who ïold official stations in staveholding counries, from being the owners of slaves. A General anti-slavery Congregational Convention is spoken of at tlie East. A good move