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cleny, m the most solemn manner, that an aboliiionst or any other person in Ohio as far as my knowledge extends, will use orce to prevent the slaveholder from takinghisslave from our State, if he vvül proceed accordmg to our laws; but we will vote for no men who will justify the vioiationofour firesides and ourbedchambers by the slaveholder in search of his run away slave; nor ought we to give our votes or countenance to any person who wil! voluntarilyorfor a proffered reward, pursue and capture a fugitive írom labor, m order to deliver him to his master. It is disgrace enough that we have laws on ihis subject making our ofiïcers the catch poles oi the slavehunter for regular fccs. Let those laws be fully executed; but I have no language sufficient to express my abhorrence of ihe man vvho would voluntarily and for mouey, aid ín consigning a a fellow man, who has committed no crime, into interminable slavery. He is a land-pirate,anddesorves the fate ofa