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- ín othct- States,wñat are callee! ihe third party aboütionisls seems to be the only class that manifest miich real and antrslavery energy. Ín Maine, a new paper has been starled, called the Liberty Standard, ediled by a brotherof thc murdered Lnvejoy; designed to advocate independent uboHUoiusrn. Elizur VVright, wiih his ppirited pen, and slraighl forward political nolions,is ngain at the head of the Frce American. The Signal of Liberty, the organ of the Michigan Anti-Slavery Society, is pushing political action wiih great vigor. The fnends in Pennsylvania havo nominated Dr. Le Moyne, as candidate for the governorship of Pennsylvania, and accompanied the nomination with a long and stron" address. - Philanthropist. From the New York Tribune, I5th. The followin nominaiions, in addition tolhoseofthe Cabinet and Mr. Everett, were confirmed by the Senate on Monday : Wsi. HuNTEit, (now Charge d'AÍTuirs,) to be Minister Plenipotentiary to Brazil. Rob.eht IV. Walsii, Secreta ry of Legaton,do. Wai. Bulwarke, of Virginia, Charge d'Affiirs to Naples. Maj. S. CHURcnri,L,to be Inspector General of the Army, in the place of General Wool, promoted.