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Poetry: The Departed

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Oh, wake not with mourning The íest of the dead! For the blessed in heaven No tears should be shed. But weep for the living, Who linger to l)ear Tlie buiden of sorrow, Of anguish and care. For those who are sleeping In peace and in love, Whose hopes were all treasured In heaven above, - No more need our watchings, Our lears, or our prayers, Tbey've left f'ar bchind tbetn Earth's troubles and cares. Then rejoice that they've passed Jn the prime of tlieir years From this world ofanguish, Of sorrow and tears. Their glorified spirits, Unfelterred and free, Ia those heavenly mansions For ever shall be. Wilh angels they're ranging Through regions or light, While strains ofsweet iuusic Attend on their flight. Their bright, weariless wings Through heaven they sweep, And a fond watch of love Above us they keep. 'Tis weaknessto mourn them, Or wish them back here, We would not reoall them From yonder bright ephere. Then wake not with sorrow, The rest of the dead, For the blessed in heaven No tears should be shed1