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It will be seen that by examining the nominations in our paper of last week and the notices of Conventions yet to be held, that the Senatorial District will be completely organized in a few days, and candidates nominated. Representatives for the Legislature have been nominated from the most settled counties of the State, comprising a large share of the population. Will not our friends in the other counties meet together immediately and thus complete the organization of the State. There is a time when a beginning must be made in each county, and if it be true, as the New Jersey farmer expressed it, that Liberty votes hatch, it will be desirable to have some laid up against next spring. If there are but a dozen advocates of universal liberty in a county, nominate one of your number, and vote for him. - You will thus strengthen each other. In voting, as well as in religion, faith is increased by good works. If you would strengthen your faith, exercise it. Besides, the votes of twelve friends of universal freedom are of too much value to be scattered on two pro-slavery parties - or withheld altogether from the ballot box. Come out, then, brethren, wherever you are, and let your light shine.