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Advices from England have been received giving information of the meeting of Parliament, August 29th. The Queen's speech was not delivered in person, owing to her delicate health, and in answer to it, Parliament advised her Majesty that her present advisers did not possess the confidence of the nation; whereupon the Melbourne ministry resigned, and another was constituted with Sir Robert Peel at the head. The Tory majority in the Lords was 72, and in the Commons, 91. Sir Robert Peel has come out against the repeal of the Corn Laws, or any mitigation of them. Steam carriages are now run on the roads in England, at the rate of 20 miles an hour with 16 passengers. At the late fire in Smyrna, 13,000 houses and shops were destroyed, and the losses amounted to 2,000,000 pounds. "A great Convention of ministers, of all denominations, opposed to the present system of Corn Laws, was held on the 17th of August at Manchester. It was attended from various parts of England, Ireland, and Scotland, and numbered six hundred and fifty. Rev. Dr. Cox presided. The meeting was one of great interest, and without doubt will have an influence. The accounts of the harvest are highly encouraging from all parts of the kingdom. In Wales it is said the farmers have not had so good crops of wheat and barley for the last twelve years."