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Senatorial Convention Of The 4th District

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For the Signal of Liberty. Agreeably to previous notice the friends of Liberty of the 5th Senatorial District convened at the Court House in Marshall, Calhoun county on the 28th September. S. B. Treadwell, Esq., of Jackson was appointed chairman of the meeting and E. H. Johnson, of Albion, Secretary. The meeting was opened with prayer. The convention then proceeded to ballot for candidates to receive the votes of the friends of Liberty as Senators for this district, whom Dr. V. Meeker of Ingham co. and Erastus Hussey of Calhoun co. were unanimously elected. A central corresponding committee for the district was appointed , consisting of S. B. Treadwell, Thomas M'Gee, R. B. Rexford, E. H. Johnson, and Charles Cole. Whereas, the physical enslavement of three millions of innocent human beings in the nation has practically enslaved (by the system of the three fifths representation for this number of slaves) seventeen millions of people who retain freedom nominally; and whereas the national leaders of the old political parties are wholly controlled in the political movements by this enormous political power of the nation, therefore, Resolved, That the time has fully come for all the true friends of the slave and their country at once and forever to break off all allegiance with the old parties with which they have been associated, and firmly unite into an independent liberty party, until the slave is free and our country ia redeemed. Resolved, That we will give our most cordial and undivided support to the nominations of James G. Birney for President and Thomas Morris for Vice President of the United States, and for J. S. Fitch, for Governor, and Nathan Power for Lieutenant Governor of this State. Resolved, That the proceedings of this Convention be published in the Signal of Liberty. The meeting then adjourned sine die.