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The Hillsdale County adjourned Convention of the liberty party was held at Jonesville, on the 3d inst., Henry Vroman was called to the chair, and the Convention proceeded to put in nomination the following ticket to be supported at the ensuing election. For Representatives, Henry Packer, of Litchfield, and Ethan Judd of Adams. For County Commissioners, Benjamin A. Farnsworth, to fill vacancy and Solomon A. Clark. For Coroner, Stephen North. After which the Convention appointed (5 delegates to attend the Senatorial convention to be held at Adrian, on the 12th inst - a county Executive committee for Hillsdale county - a treasurer and a chairman to each town, for a town committee, with power to fill up the committee to the number of five in a town. The Convention then adjourned. HENRY VROMAN, Ch'n. Jonesville, Oct. 2d, 1841. The following is from an esteemed friend who was present at the above convention. Messrs editors: - At the above convention every thing went on harmoniously, and the liberty friends are greatly encouraged. We are not asleep. We are up and have taken the field determined to fight the battle of liberty at the polls at the coming election. I need not tell you how high our expectations rise. I trust however we shall give some votes for liberty this season. There is no agent for the Signal here,which I much regret. I think you might have had many more subscribers if there was an agent in this county. My professional duties keep me very busy, but I find occasional hours to run to a school house of an evening to say something for liberty and the slave, and I intend to do still more in that way. Mr. Treadwell visited us at the first Convention, Sept. 25, and his address did much good. I am not aware that there is a public speaker in the county, except myself, that pleads this cause, yet we have many warm hearted friends and some bitter opposers, but our cause is onward. I purpose to write you again immediately after election and tell you how much we are defeated. Yours truly.