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Appeal On Behalf Of The Amistad Africans

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The appeals heretofore made for funds for the defence, support, and education of these Mendi Africans, have been successful, and the rnoney so generously contributed, has been economically expended,and with the happiest results . The surns contributed and the expendilures made have been publishcd in the American and Foreign Anti-slavery Reporter and the New York Journal of Commerce, for the information of donors and all persons interested. The time has now arrived when another appeal has become necessary. - Such faets hns rccently come to the knowl edge of the Cotnmittee, respecting the native country of these Mendians, and the feasibility ofthcir reaching their kindred and homes, ifthey can be sent to Sierra Leone,that it has been delermined to eend the whole body of them (uow reduced to thirty-five in nunaber) back to África the present autumn. They will leave for Sierra Leone as soon a6 the necessary funds shall be contributed. The Cummit tee have in view two ministers of the Gos peljone white, au3 onc colored, loaccompany them to Mendi, and takc up their abodc v.ith thera as religious teachers, so long as theprovidence of God shall direct; and they are desirousof engaging one or two moreyto be associated with ihcse brelhren as missionaries to Mendi.Coniñbutions ai e earnestly rcquested. - jtemittances may be made by mail or othjrwise, directed to Lewie Tappan, No. 7 )orr's Building, corner of Hanovcr and E.vchangc Streets, rear of Merchanl's Exshange. Donors, if thoy choose, can spe;ify whether their donations shall g o lowards defraying the expenses of the passage to Sierra Leone &.c, or for the support of the roligious teachers. If not otherwlse directed, the CommiUee wijl appropriate according to thcir discretion. - All donations will he acknowledged, and a paper containing the acknowledgement sent to every donor. The expenditures wil! also be puhlished os hcretcibre. Ministers of the gospel are requested to lako up contributions in their congregalion, ancl (he friends of these Mendians, and of the evangeliz:ition of África, are inviled to form committees for the purpose of raising funds for the objects named. - II is wtreeiy nccessary lo adu, that the vvages of unrighleousness ought not to be used to propogate the gospel among the heathen, and they caunot be received for this olject. The prayers of God's people aro solicited on behalf of the iiberatcd Africans, and the contemplated mission. The season isso far advanced, that the immediate ACTioN of the friends of these Mendians is necessary lo insure the accomplishment of the object in view. S. S. Jocelyis", ) J. Leavitx, Commitlee. LewisTappan,) ÖrF.ditors generally are respectfully requested to give the above one ore mora insertiuns.