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Lectures--prospects Of Our Cause

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We have devoted eome part of our timo of latí; to lecturing, and in most placea have met tvitli a kind recepción, and we are hap py to infonn out readers that our cause its rapidly progressing. In Superior the audience va8 large, and a tnojority of them ropeclful and attentive. There will never be lewcr friends of ihe slave there, than at present. In Northfield, the congregation vvith regard lo numbere and attention, was all that we could ask. One circumstanie oc curred which is perhaps wortliy of notice. - A MR. BRICE H. COMSTOCK, one or the "bustr sort," cania into the meeting and seoted himself by my 'side. Ho was painted .nd no otífj doubted bul vi bat he was reully u ' nigger," and tliat his color, chararter and all was of the smne piece - perfectltj ulack. I3y the wny, his neighbors, su lar as we kivow, are really in hopes ïhat he will actually turn acülored man, ibrthej' say he nev'er appeared bo much Jike a gentleman in his lito as he did on tlmt occasion. The colored people, ho wever, wo lliink, wül objret and say that tiioy nevtr weredisgraced with so nean a personage, and euch a miserable specimen of" human nature, as B. COMSTCCK, and they vill doublless proy tliat Uwy never rooy be - hut wc lenvc rirö to himse!.r; praymg God to pity and have mercy lipón hun. Froiri Norllifipld we poon fu:ind ourself in the beautiful towii of Shnron, where we leclured twice to au intelligent aódience, most of whotn were farmers. In tliis lown !ut onc vote was given last fall for Birney and Earlc. Iut liever wül lint duvoled friend oft'jc slüve be found at ihe baliot box alone ofter this. Scveral, Uitre, are in favor of the i Hberty part y3 and all that hir.ders our liaving alargo nutnber of votes in Sharon is the war.tofan orgiiiiization and snme eCicient fiiemls to iecturc. Oi the wholc, our rrosI ' pecls were óeVer better, and our good and j iioly caüse is deslitied speedily to triun:ph throuh the lengt!) ;md breadtli of the land.