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The Elections

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Orno.- The result of the election aa far heard from, gives 8 senators and 33 Repte, senlatives to the Demócrata, and 2 senators and 14 representatives to the Whigs. Georgia. - A Democratie Governor ha been elected by ab,out 4,000 majority. The Whig mnjoniy last year was about 8,000. Vkbmom1.- Whig majority last year, 15,, 000 - this year it was reduced to 1 few hun dred, and nu elcction. - Whig majority last year, 67.- Reported Democratie mojorily, this year about 8,000. Marïlaisd. - A Democratie Governor bas been clected by a mojority of 1568. Two, countips not lieard from. M Pennsylva.m.- The returns as far ai heard from ure favorable to the Democratie party. A Democratie Senator lias bt'fia elected irom (nc Diatrict vvhich gave 3,000. Wlug msjoiity ast year. Gov. Porter ia no doubt re-e!ected by a decisivo niDjorlty. WiscuNsiN. - Tiiis Torritory haa gOuu' Dcniocrntjc by some hundred msjorily. A!l ihe recent clectionsstem to resuit vpry unlavoraoly fur the Whi-j party.The Liberly pa rty of Ontario Cuunty, N Y. have oominaled Hiuam Prrrs for metn, ber f Congress, in opposiUon t(tó hone6t Frank Grager." They have alao, mado, nominatioijá tor the Legislatura and fo', Coroners. We hope that Mr. Granger will fjave le!ve to stay at home for the present uritil he becomes diveö.ted of his disposhion to truckle lo tlio siavuholderc?. A man wha avows imnstlf ready lo he turued out of office in case he öhonld hold to the senlimenta of ihc Declaration cf Independeoce, has too. mucii ♦honrsiy" and too iiule indepcndenc to rejircsent freemen. OlTho i'riehde ót' Liberty in Connectiv cut have nominafed for Govornor, Francis Giüi'tte üf Bluonifield: for Lieutenaut Governur, Lovi Yule, Jr., Meriden. tLThe ühio Frce Presjs (Wliig), 8ayg that the dtlay in confirruing the nominalioij. of Mr. Evereli had an effect on tlie electiona boih in Maine aad Vermont.