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Cass And Van Buren Counties

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It will be sütn by tho report froni these Cöuritits that the iriünds of Liberiy tliere have vheeled inio line. Mr. EllioU tvritesr 'Yon see hyihis that we aremovingin thiá rcgiotj; uur nutuliera are sniall, bui our faith is s:rong and uut hearts are warm; we e eiermined to acl upon iho principio: "beller to siand alone and do rjgh , tiüti jo wiih u mjllion and o wrong.'1 fcigiu volos ivcré cuál ia&i lull in thiscouniy fui; ííic noble Dikney & Eahlk. We wliu thus voied have moved in ihia mailerj our nominóos bere aro of the number;- incn who pnssed through lliat fire and carne out iHiicaihcd. 'J'he nominee in V. li. was candidate on the Whig ticket last fa IJ, but now said to bc a decídcd a liberly marr. Rel-, ing upon that Being who liolds the des tin les ór' naious as well a8 indivRiu i.'a in lus ouii hands, we shall o forw.ird,wi!i trtilh - urjchanging trutli lor our ma. VVfi ivapi li!it in ttns quarter: if ihe ''Signa!'' conlJ be read by every famiiy in tlus eoiuity, wc should expect great resuUs."