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For The Signal Of Liberty

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MiïssKs. Eurrous: - The lolluwing pre afïïbié and rèsbtutiys were adopted by a Convention bf dejegaléa íroni (he Baptist 6'iiurcl)t3iri the countiêsofjuéksön, Ilillsdale, mul Inham, which Qohventiön was held at Juckb"n,uM Wedneday,áept.29tl) Wherea: Siiivfcry is practical violalion oí' the foÜuwing divine iiijuuclions; "Tliou öhujt luve ihy neighbor asthyself;" "All things whatfojver )8 wuuld thatmcn s.houUj do u'htu you, tin ye even so unU tiiem5 "Be ye ihereíore merciful, as ynur Fa-1 ther aiso is riiercil'u!."' '!)" 'ay. utito al! mon.M ''Be lundiy aiTeciiotied on e to another,, wiih brotberly lyve, in houor preieriugone anotlicr.'1 "Ue of the same mitid une loward anoihcr." "Provide t!iins honest in the siglit uf dl men.11 "Render iherefure !o ail iheir dues." "Owe no man aoy bul tu love una anoiijcr.1' "But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and naakc nöl provisión for tho flesh, to to fuiifil the lusts thcreof." Thereforc, Resolved, That to followship, as christiaus, those who liold iheir fellow men in bondage - regard and treat ihem as their property, and subject ihem to tlieir will and pieasure in all things, is no less than to approve vbnl God condemns, and cast reproach and contempt upon the Gospel of Christ. Resolved. That duty to God, ourselves, the oppressor, and the oppressed, imperiously dfiinand that wc express our deliberóte and eettled conviction lo be, that no person can be a follower oí' Christ,and ex, emplify hiu spirit, while guilty ofholding his l'ellow men as slaves. Resolved, That in obedience to the comtnand "Have no iellowship with úw unfruitful works of darkness,but ralherre prove themj" we will not admit slaveholding ministers to our pulpits, nor slaveholding professors to the Lords table. Respectfully yours,