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Genessee Co, Libety Convention: For The Signal Of Liberty

Genessee Co, Libety Convention: For The Signal Of Liberty image
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At amcetiügot the irtends of unpartial Liberty, held ui Fünt, on Thursnay, September 23d, 1841, Adon-jah Alherton, of Fünt, was called mihe Cli;ir, and Vilü;im Chambcrlin, of Genessee, waschosen Sec retary. Tlie I hrone of Grace wasaddressed by John Pratt, After some remarks relative u the business of ihe meeting, it was votefi íhiit a commiuec bo nppoinled lo report to the Cmvcntinn the mime ufa suit;ib!e perfon na ca nd ((Jat e for Ilepresenlalive from t'nis cottnty, to the Stnte Legis!ature; asul a'so, o cunditiaic for Cüiuily Commissioner. 'l'ho fullowing gentlemen wcre appointed saitl cornmittee, viz: Jtihn Pra't,of Genessee; Jerez Alherton and Ezra N. Carrier, of Flin!. The committee, after due deliberation, reporled es follows: John Pratt, of Genesíee, for Representative; and Shubai Atherton of Flint fur Couniy Cornrhiasionér. The report was accepted and adnpted. Voled, thnt a committee bc nppointcd to corre?pond with abolilior.ists in olliercoun lies rtspecting a Senatorial convention. - E N. Carrier, of Flint ; Wiiliam Chamberlin, of Genessee; and J. N. Robinson, of Flint, wcre appointed said committee. The following gentlemen wcre appoint ed delegates f)r Genessee county, to the Senatorial convention, viz: perez Atherton, Harvey Andrews and Dwiglu Hazliton. The fdlowingresolulions were adnpted by the Conveniion : Resolved, That we conctir n the nomination of the S'.aie Convention for Governor and Hcut. Governur. Resolved, That that the proceedings of tlie Conveniion be signcd by the Chairman and Secreta ry, and sent to ihe "Signal of Liberty" for piihiicalion.