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John Tyler

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But John Tylcr was nominated and elected Vice President, beeause he had the terrible mark, that one gretu qualifi jation, an owner ofmeVfA. slavehulder. Strarve thought, that in a republican form of government,whose center column is inscribed with the birth rights of all mea, viz: frecdom and equaÜty, that this same people should select a man for the second office in that nation, wliose main qualifications consisied n his abhorrence of those principies; whose life had been spenl in trcading human beings and iheir rights under his feet; whose bread, clothing, and educatión, and very cxistence, nre pmclr ed out of helplcss sla ves; yes, that he o wed his being and every comfort that he enjoyed, to the transgresión and defiunce of the declared sentiments of the nation, put forth in the hour of its honest distress, on the 4th of July 1776; who compelled clíives to work lor liim for nothing but the coarsest fuod and vilest clotliing, placing all bc carned beyond a wretclied subsistence in hisown pocket - and this he exorted with whips, chains, fetiers, pistols, „nin.", stocks, and dungconp; yea,more, and some of these slaves ho boiig!)!, jnd some he sold, for mnneyj & some of them Tie .air! to be nearly relatcd to him. This was the man whose qualifications won the con fid e nee of his slaveholding and proslaverycounirymen.07"A Wanton Outrage was ltitely cnmnitted al Maysville. Kcnlucky,.in ihe deuinnlition of a clnirch crecied by the blaeks in thut a mob. The buil ding was built principally by the blucks thcrcsclvcs and under l!ie sanclion of ihe Methodist Episcopal Church. There vwta do comj)hint of any thing disorderly, and (he fJcsirudion of ihe ediiïce was without p:ovocalion. Biist; act indeed toperprlrute "without provocaiicn." Yet whertin is ihis act so (öuch more an "ouirage" than the every day plundering of these same blacks.- Tiüs church building was only ihe result -f their iudustry and toil. In this samo town of Maysville,;ind the country around it 3 esteemed lawful and honorable totake awiiy frorn the black man ulS the profits f his labor. This deed is done daily, 'where there is no complaint of any thing disorderly' on the part of the slave - the daslardiy eet of pilfering the poor wholly wiihoul provocation. Put then this and thiitnlikc or the list oI'"Waktun