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Letter From William Goodell

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WiiiTESBORO, N. Y. Sept. 2,7 th, 811. S. D. Treadu-ell,Esq. - Oeav 8ir,-YoUTs f tbeSOth is just received. It comes nearly mooth top Ule for lts object, as our enagements are comrnonly ubcmt a rnonth aead, even wherelhe placea to 03 visited are ear at hand. So distant a tour could nol be nderluken on so short a notice, were tinne 10 other diiïïculties in the way. As it is, l lave uppoinlmculs for scveral weeks ahead. 3io. Gueen is absent to altend a Convcnion in Fulton coiuity, and will be absen: overal days. I k;iotv of tioothcr person to nvite on your behaTf; I am rejoiced to sce your aclivity and eiK erprize, and trust you will go uu and acjomplish much. Excepten particular and joculiar occasions, you will do well to ex)ecl litllo from distant States. Time and noney are too precious now, to be occupicd ind expended in long journeyings, vvheñ so nucí) is to bc done every u-here. We have 110 help to spare, at present, 1 this región The cali for laborera far out-run the eupply, and wo feel inrre like sending abroad for laborera tlian quitting our narvust fields, at this crisis. Do not consider this seifish. - No. It is only good cconoiny fbr our com mon cause. At least it so Bccms to me. - Occaeional interchanges of labor are indeo pleasant and boneficial, but, for the mos part, we must learn, I llnnk, more of th táctica of Kieherniali, who set every man a work, "over against hi3 own house." It is indeed checring to witness tlic wie fields of' labor r:ov opening before m. üoc in his iioly Providence3 ia working vonJer at a time when our own counselsand labors have secmed distweted and powerless. A great change is coming over this región, in respect to polilical action. Üur annual meet insr. latelv held at Utica, wus a noble one.Nearly all traces of fonner dissentions have üisappcarcJ. Iüdced llio cause bcems gog ahead every vvhere. Now is the linie lp strike heavy and rnpici blows. You remera bcr tle King of Israel vvho was rebukcd by the Prophet for striking bul twice or thrice, when he 6houW have' stricken five or six times, to the confusión of his enerr.ics. Teil the friends of Liberty in Michigan to strike manfully and not 6pare nor give over thcir efforls. Much, very tnuch, deptnds upon the stand to be tuken by theyoung States - the North Western States. Theie it is, ii' any whcre, thal Freedom's half of the great National bVicnce s to epread broaclor and weigh hcavier. There it is, if at all, that Ihe "balance uf power" is to be deposited, that is toturn the scalc in favor of free institutiona. Many eyes are turned lo Michigan. Let her notfalter. Let her voice be hcard for God- for the Slave, and for holy aiié impartial freedom. Yours truly,P, S. Deur Bro. Treadtveil.-Mwy labors and cnres in preparing lor a tour (com mencing toinornr.v) into Chenango, Broone and Tioga counlies, must bü my apoloy fo this hasty scrawl. VV. G.