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Letter From Alvan Stuart

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ÜTicA, Oct. rith, 1841. Dear Siu:- I cannot come I returned homo from Washington City lusturday night, by ihe way of Massachusetts, j where I have beca (he laat fortnight ■ gaged at the Siate meeting of the Worcester. and at three coun'y meetings, to wit, Berkshire, Hampden, and Hampshire : counlies, besides meetings at Great j nington, Piüsfield, and Springficld, which ! vere of a town charactcr. Thero has icen so níuch rain that the weather was ot bo propitious as onc could desire, bul ill the meetings were respectably altcned considering the nature oftho weulher, ' n all cases, and in sume numerously. This State is now fairly organized, by vhicli slie is to have a Liberty party asociation in each town. wkh a liesidcnt, Secretary and an exceutive committec ofnee; provided ihere are ihree volmg bolitionists in ihc town wilh %which to orntucnne an organizntion. The iirst neeiing of the town i? to he held the first veek ut school district No. 1 ; sccond week t second district; and Ihird week at ihird iistrict and so on from school district to chool district weckly until the town is raverscd, and then repeat the same. - These dis! liet meetings to he held under the superintendente of the lown cificers md comniiltce befure specifiód. Ateach lislrict meeting, there is lo be presentcd for signalure, a Liberty roll to Ie signed by men, women and chiidren; tho men over 21 year of ngc promising to vote for the candidatos of the Liberty party, unless said voter belicves eaid candidate to be di.squ.tlified, by u want ofability, ini(j"riiv or devotion to tliis cause. a farther part of said organization ihat each school district takc four or more newspapers of the liberty party supporting our sentimenls on the subject of political action. Massaclmsetts and the State of New York, are organized by the school district and ihc townsystem exactly alike. If your State is not so organized could vou do betier? Tlu's great quesüon tnusl be canicd t ihe farmers and mechanics,U is the salvalion of the land, if ie is to be savet!, and ihc farmers and mechanicsj undcr God, must and will he its saviours. We had a convention of ihe N. Y. State A. S. Society of about four imndred, on the 15'.h and lGth of September lasf, and every thing appeáred reasonally encouriging and advancing: I hope Massachusetts and New York, will more than doublé what they did last year, tnany of our antislavery friends, whohave stood aloof from political action aro coming furward in a kind and christian marnier and grounding Ihcir opposition and will vote with us in ïMassachusetts and in Pennsylvania. J. C. Jackson, Esq., Mr. Garrison's right hand friend last year, who opposed us all over the land, is now editing a liberty party paper in Madison couniy. Mr. Coflins was at the Massachusetts stalo mfieting at Worccster, and made an excellent speech shewing the brutal treatment our colored friends, and white ones too, hud received from two rail roads near Lvnn.1 bclieve Mr. Collins will vote and act wilh us, and I hopo Mr. Gr.rrison muy yet come and lead us lo viclory, through the ballot box. I believo Mr. Garrisou feels cntircly different lo ware's us, comparing this and last year togelher. Every thing proclaims ihat we must succeed. - The coming winter s one big wilh the question of Siavcry pr Liberty. I think the Soulh are preparing, this winter, to make their great and final stand against abolition, in Congress, and Ihat the soulh will make such haughty and insuppnrtable demands of the pro-s!avery north, that the poor norlh, cowardly as she is, will have to stand up for liberty or die. Yes, I have have no doubt the south see that this is the last year or session, bcfore the new apporlionment in Congresg by which she will be made several members weaker, and therefore npw or ever is the time to settlo the great question by Congressional or Constitutional legislation. - Light will break in upon the North, and she wiülearn before next summer, that there is no liberty or peuce for this country except in the abolition of slavery. Most assured, I am your friend,P. S. - I amgreatly rejotcetf to see your grund d'B,)lny of action from county tocounty und may God bless you. For we all have scen and ktiown your uble and unüring and self-sacrificing devolion in this cause. I have got to hold 10 or 15 meetings if I can, in 50 miles round, before our election on the fir3t Monday of November next.