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Michigan Election

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The following returns of Liberty votes are official. Washlenaw County, 253 Jackson " 147 Oaklaad " 190 Calhoun " . 88 Hillsdalo (reported) 80 Kalarnazoo f' ' 100 In sixCounties, 858 The Liberty vote in this State, will probably amount to 1400 of 1500. Our friends will confer a favor on us by sending the official returns of Liberty votes in the sevcral counties. AH the Democratie candidates for the Sonate, and all for the Houso of Represenlatives, except three or four, have been elected. So that the Detnocrats will have the exclusive control of public affairs.OThe letters frora our distinguished AntisSlavery triciids, published on the first page, will be read with interest by every one. They were received by Mr. Treadtoell in answer to a request from the State Central Comraittee to attend the recent Liberty Conventions. A more noble hearted set of men cannot be found in the Union. - They labor in the cause of Liberty from year to year, and it will be seen by their letters that they have the fullest confidence ' that their labor will not be in vam. Q3= At the recent election, the Whigs brought forward tbeir old argument of "the least of two evils.'1 They reasoned in thts way : "Barry or Fuller will certainly be elected : by voting for Fitcii you will indiiectly help to clect Baury, and Barry is a bad man." This logic took with some abolitionistsof strong whig partialities, and they were mduced on this account to erase the name of Mr. Fitcii, and insert the name of the Whig candidate for Govornor in their own ticket - This will account for the less number of votes given for Mr. Fitch than for the remainderofthe the ticket. ïn this county, the liberty vote for Governor was 253: while the average vote forrepresentatives was 272.