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Whig Letter Stealing

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It will be recollected that a few weeks ince, the WhigCounty committee of Cort and Counly N. Y. clandostinely obtained ind published a letter of John Thomas, he Liberly candidate for that Senatorial District. This letter was addressed to Willinm Squire?, of Marathon, an active liberty man,expressing the opinión of Mr Thomas that it was an object with the abolitionists to defeat the VVhig party at this election,because ifthey should be beat, they would be gone foreverjand recomrnendingthat Whigs should be put in nora ination by the Liberty party because the} would make the largesl draught on the VVhig ranke. This letter, wiili anolhor to Nathan Bouton, was put in the letter rack in Dick 1 son and Ilibbard's store, with a request to forward them by the first opportunity. - These letters wefe stolen from the store ' on the same day and were handled by Mr. Hawks ono of the VVhig County committee , in the store, and talked about by him asontainingsomething on abolilion,and the c etters wcre nextseen opened on the l i!e in the law ofTice of thesaid llawks. - l Úr. Conger, the Editor and publisher of hc Cortland Whig,who occupied the same aw office with Mr. llawks, proceeded to [lomer village wilh anoiher genilcmnn the same afiernoon, and laid the letters or copies of thom before a committec of Whigs, by whom their publication was resolved on. Accordingly one of the Itter was published over the signatures of the County Whig Coinmittee, who certified that they had scen the original, and that the letter was addressed "to a strong and influentia! loco foco," bui without giving his name. This last assërtluo was a lie; for Mr. Sqtiircs had been known asa liberty party man for tvvo years. Subsequently, the Whig county convention resolved that the county cotmnittee were 'en titled to the liighest commendaüon and vvarmest ' thanks of the whig party, tbr ha ving so promptly and effcctually esposed the base designs of said Thomas mr ruuLrsuiXG SAin li:tter. Thatwe ■npprovéol the omission in saict publicado:) of tie name of iho person towhom it was addressed." The contenta of tliis lcller has gone the ronnds of the VVhig press, without the expression of one word of disapprobation of the ly ing, stealing, or breakin the letter. A judicial investigation has lalcly taken place, in which the above facts werc established by the oaihs of wiluesses,vhose testimony we cannot publish for want of room . The magistrate, Homer Gillet Esq., thought it right to bind over Hawks one of tlie county commiltee, and Conger, the Editor of the Coriland Whig, for trial, fur the crime of purloining and publishing a private letter - a penitentiary oíFence n that State. it does not appcar, however, that the Whigs of ihat connlyhave made any ihing even by this capita! device. The meannesa of such a trick has rather tended to bring disgrace on the whole party in that county, which formaly voled their appro, val of the transactions. The Whig pa' pers which copied the letter without aword of diáapprobation of the manner of obtaining and publishin it will perhaps, nowthalthe election is over find time te expresa their disapproval of such villainous tríeles; If they do not, ihey ought never to lisp anoihcr syllable about "loco foco tricks." Thcro are many honesl upright men among ihe Whigs who will discountenance such infamousproceedings and whethcr their party has succeeded in that particular county or not, they will find that on the whole, that by such expedients, they will lose more than they will gain.