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The Bloodhounds

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We havo been repeatealy a3ked whether there is any evidence that the bloodhounds imported from Cuba to bc used in the Florida war, were purchased for the purpose of trailing negroes instead of Indians, as was alledgcd at the time of their purchase. The following extract from Mr. Gidding's speech on the Florida war, throws light on thesub-, ject. "In a letter dated Tampa Bay, 25th May, 1837, directed to Lieut. Col. Harney, Gen. Jessup says: 4iIfyousec Powell, (Osceola,) teil him Ishall send out and take all the negroes who belong to tho white people. And lic must not allow the Indian negroes tomix with them. Teil him I am sending to Cuba for Bloodhounds to trail (hem; and I intend lo hang every one of them who does not come in.' If the negroes who appear to have controlled the Indians, had quielly sufiered themselves to have been traiied with bloodlxounds, or to bo hangedor theirlove of liberty, they would have c veil deserved to be slaves. Another ïraaortant piece of intelligence we have I lere also. ,1 The expenditure of $5,000 for bloodiounds in Cuba was not, as has been supposed, för the puiposo of trailing Indiana, ia this letter we have it officially aunounced that they were sent lor and 1 tained for the purpose of catchmg elaves. I desire the people of this nation to understand distinciiy that they are taxed ior the purpose of mainlaining and eupporting slavery n iho slave States; that their treasure has been aporopriatcd directhj andpublicbj for ihat purpose; ihat our army- nmny üf whose officersand soldiers were brcd in ihe frec States and in (he love oí Iibert3r - have been employed by order of the cummanding General, 'inyursuing and capturing fugiïive êlaves. Nor is ihat all The frèemen of the North are Uixcd 'for the purpose of buy ing bloodhounds to act in concert vvilh our anny,in this Uegradiní and disjiustiníí w arfare."