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The return of the liberty votes in vermont, as well as from other States bnngs one fact distinctly to view - thatour principies are not confiued to particular locations, but are spreading through all the towns and school districts. This fact is ïighly ciicmiraging to us, while itis an onen ofof uhimaie defeat to the other pares. In Vermom 3039 liberty votes werc iven, from a great number of towns. - Jad the whole number been given by a 'mgle county whiie the remainder of the State was subjeclcd completely to the dom inaiionof the proslavery parlies, it would have been far less disheartening to them. The loss of a single couuty by either party inight, perhaps, be repaireü. But a diífíeetion of some thousands in all parts of he State would be slrongly symptomalic of a general revoll. Euch libcrty voter who firmly maintains hia integrity, wijl soon be joinéd by ethers of a kindred fecling, who in their turn wijl opérate on ihc fttiüi of the surroumling comtnuniiy - Tlius a little leaven properly diffusec through the vhole mass will leuven much quicker than if it were uil concen tratcd in one part.This íact exista with as. A correct report frorn every town in the Siale would show a much larger numbcr of towns wherc the liberty heresy hasbegun toprevail, than is generally supposed. For instnnce, in Washtenaw county are twentyi towns, and in fourteen of them liberty votes ere given. The average volc for Ilepresentaiives was 272, being about twenty votes to each town. ín CLkland Cuuntyare twenty-five towns and liberty votes were given in 19 of them. True, in some of these towns the vote was small; and ihe superficial politician will sneer at such a meagre rcsult. But it will be the superficial observer only who will despise it. The sagacious, thinking politician will nuher inquire whether the same causes which have induced two, three, or five democratsor Whigs in each town,to break away from their respective parties in defiance of threats, inlreaties,and argumenls wiil not be equally powerful in inducingreat numbers to follow their example. - He will also consider that ihe want of a few voies oflon occasions a great downfall of a party; and when the anlislavery voters are scattercd ihruugh alUhe country, the local elections will beconiinually lost by one or the other of tho pro-slavery par tiesfor want of those few votes which are now cast for liberly and which have been ab&tracted from the ranks of the other par. ties. In many towns in this state, th# liberty party already possesses the balance of power; and in some, if we are rightly informed, they are alrnost or as quite as numerous as the VVhigs or - Had the election been as close as was anticipated, the liberly party would have held the balance of power in many of the most important counties. As it ie, they have itnow in reality, alihough owing to the fact that some thousands who had oncebeen whigs, did not vote, this rosult will not appear i'romihe election returns. In Kalamazoo County however the Demoera ts had a majority 'of 20 or 30 votes, while the liberty party mustcred 100 or more. From these considerations, our friends will see the necesity of commencing operations in every town. The United States must be carried, if at all, by town majorities. It was by these only that Gen. Harrisonobtained a mujority in the Union of 145,000 votes. A vast numberof towns contributed their several quotas, and the work was done. The work is now Jaid out before us, and let us enter upon it with zeal and energy. We have great confidence that it will be done immediately and thoroughly. An efficiënt advocateof liberty has written us that if ke Uves, every town in his county Bhall be visiled and lectured in before the spring election., Will nol uthers do likewise?


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