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Pontiac, November llth, 1841. I inclose, for the signal, an official statetient of the Liberty vote in the several towns d this County, politely furnished by a memier of the Board of County Canvassers. I Dut down tbc namo of each town in the County, because it may be convenient to citizens thereof, who take the Signal, for future reference. Brandon, 4 Oakland, 1 Paraington,S7 IVovi, 20 Avon, 10 íodependencel Pontiac, 18 Highland, 8 Commerce, 7 Lyon, 9 Miiford, 1 1 Southfield, 8 Oxford, 7 Oxford, 7 W.BloomMd 4 VV. Lake, 8 Spnngfioldl E. Bloom'ldl3 Rosi, 0 Troy, 20 Waterfoid, 3Whole number of Liberly votes, 190 Thus we 6ee that the County of Oakland las given nearly two-thirdB as large a voto his fall, as the v hole State did last year.- And yet we have plenty of advisers, sapient s Solon, who teil us, very gravely, we had etter stop where we are, for the Liberty )arty is dying away - even the additions of the present year are eo many indications of forthcoming death to the party! Well,ifthe vote of old Oakland is a fair specimen of that of the north generally, a few niore such dem onstrations, and the Liberty party wiUbe prepared to die, as did that of Jackson on his elevation to to the Presidency; andas did the great national Whig party in 1840. I think I should have uo objection to the party undergoing the felicify of sucha polit ical death in 1844: If this be dymg, God speed the death. Respectfnllv,


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