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Mjt.ssrs Iíuítors: - AgreefiDie 10 previous nolice the Iricnds ofliberty in Jackson Co.jconvened at the Baptist Cluircliin Jackson, Oot. lUtb, T. Cottonoi' Brooklyn. was calied 10 the chair, and A. P. Prenlice, of Grasa Lake appointtjJ ScCiéluiy. The meeting was openedwith praycr by A. N. Premice. tí. B. Treadwoll, R. B. llexford, E. Adams, J. Cowden, O. H. Fifield, and S. Sexton were appoinled a business conimittee. Tho Convention ihcn adjourncd to meet at two o'clock, P. M.Two o'clock, l'. M., met pursuam 10 idjournment, prayer by 11. B. Rexford. The report of the business committee ,vas thon read and accepted. S. B. Treadwell, charrmán of the state ïéhtral commitice by request of the Convention, read the letters iVom I cd friends of the cause of liberty iu olher Staies. Voied that these letters be pubhshed in the Sif-nal of Liberty. Adjourned to meet at G o'clock, P. M. Mt-t Dursuant to adjournmeot. Prayerjy Pvev. M. Egerion. fhe resolutions ; were ihen called up and after a full discussion by Messrs. Treadwell, llexford, Egerton, lluraery, Cotton, Cowden and Prentiee,weie unanimouBly adopted. The following wcre among the p.uraber.l Resolved, That American Slavery is of a character peculiarly odious and wicked, as it not oniy enslaves 3.000,000 of innocent American born people but niakes their cnslavement the great balancing political power in this government, for reducing to polilicat vassalage buc a few removes from physical slavery, more than 14,000,000 of nominally free people inthis nation.Resolved, That God and nature win ever hold all men under the highest possible obligation to exercise the extent of their lawful power, morally, poiitteally and legislatively in favor of ihe inalienable equal rightsofall men. Resolved, That Northern pretended moral suasion against slaverj and the slave power of thid nation, without correspondió action would ever be as powerless as all professed failh, without corresI ponding works generally is. f Resolved, That we regard that policy a9 hazardous, which seeks tofoster thettfUercsl of the nation, at the expense ot our Idear bought liberties, and the fundamental principies of our government-and that we have just cause of alarm when railroads and canals, curporattons, banks, citlies, towus and villogos-become the al ab'jsorbing topics of the ncople, and theest aim of legislativo bodins, while our rights ore invaded, our liberties irnmpled upon,and Ihe once s;k red principies oi' our govermnentare infrrngëd, by ti rclentless and despotic oligarchy of 250,000 slaveholders. Resolved, Thai we approve of the nomination of James G.BiRNEY,Esq. for President and Thomas Morris, for Vice President; and wc pledge them our hcarty support. Resolved, That we highly appfove the noble stand taken by the "Signal of Liberty," and recommend to the friends of Liberty, to do all in their power to give it an extensive circulation. Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the proper officers, and forwarded to the "Signalof Liben" for publication.