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To the Congregational and Fresbytenan Ministers of Michigan. In ans ver to "the Appeal" mado by the 'Preshylery of Marshall" on belialf of Misnonanes aud Ministers of the above menLioned s6ter denounnaüona in tbis State, subjected to raany and great privaliona for several years past, tho good Providence of God, through the liberality of christian breth ren and fnends at the East, has furnished substantial aud adequate aid to relieve the wants and sufl'erings of all Congregational and Presbyterian Missionaries and Ministers within the bounds oi' the overal associaiions and Presbyteries belonging to Michigan, among whose members there may be need. The undersigned hereby give notice, at the recommendation of their brethren who have deouted thera to do so, that, afterDg forwarded the number of boxes for the t elief of thttir brethren ia Wiskonsan and ] owa, which the Secretary of the A. Home Miss. Soc. designated, they have distribuid the balance to the before mentioned As i jociaüonB and Presbyteries upún tlie plan 3uggested by the brethren who met at Kalamazoo, during the recent eessions of the Synod of Michigan at that place, and forft'erded them to the respective eub-comuuttees, who were then degignated to t;tke charge of the boxes belonging to the different Associations and Presbyteries, and to superintend the apportionment oí tneircontents. All those brethren, therefore, who wouldavail themselves of the bencficence of their chtisüan friends, will please apply unheeitatingly to the following coraiuitteee, from whom they will probably receive a notice of a day appointcd for oil members of a given Association or Presbytery lo moet. lf that notice does not reach them, let them confidently and without hesitation apply for themBelves, assured of a hearty welcome and a just distribution. Marshall Presbytery. - J . P.Ckaveland; Marshall. Marshall Association. - S.Cochran, Ver montvüle.Ea stern Association. - H. Smitb; Bristol. t Detroit Presbylery.-A. S. Wells; Mt. Clemens. Monroe Presbytery. - J. L. Tomlinson; Adrián. TFashlenaw Presbytery. - Ira M. Wcad: Ypsilanti. Kalamazoo Preshytery - O. Pt Iloyt; Kalamazoo. St. Josepk Presbytery.- N. Cook fy H. H. Norlhrop, of White Pigeon. The boxes tor the Eastern Association and Detroit Presbytery will rem Vin in Detroit, subject to the orders of the Distributing Commitlees and the drafts of menibers who apply for a share oftheir conlents. J. P. CLEAVELAND, ) Gpneral E. P. HASTINGS, Q ' GEO. DUFF1ELD. ? ff" A. McFAUitAND. Lom' N . B. I have eigned the above with my brethren, although I could co-operate with them but very liule, bccause I have the fullest evidence thal they have discharged their laborious dutyin the most faithful and equi table manner which the circumstances of the case would admü. J. P. CLEAVELAND.