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A Slave Wife

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VVith the exeeption ut a hule punclüátipn, to render it intelÜgible, the fullowing leiter is au exact cupy oí une laken out of the Doad Lcter üslicc, at Washington. The anxicty ot'üiepuoi' slave wii'o, expressed witli nmch quiet sudacss, is exicedingly touching. tnakes the heart ach o lu think üuU lliid letter, as vyell as the others slio uroie, never reacheil ita dcslination. 'J'he inturohange ui suul hy writmg, is among the biessingd dciiicd the puur boiuluen. it woulJ uot bc suio ipr.lbcir tnusters. Richmond Va., Oct.27, 1S-10. Dear Jluband -.-'Vhis is the third leto ter that I have written lo you, and have not reccived auy unswer ironi you. 1 ihink vcry h.ird of it. Tho nader has been hèré (hiec times lo Look ui inc. I wish you would try lo see f }ju can gelütiv ütie lo buy me uji there. ifyou doi:t yome down herc tliis smui:iy, perliaps you wonl Eee me any myre. fi,ive iny ove to them uil, and lel 1 iheai áll th;'.t perhaps 1 shan'tsoe y.ou any more rive my lovc to your üiuilier m particular and tu miímy wines, and to aunt belsy, and all the chüdrcn; teil Jane and Mot lier liicy must cume down a l'urtnight befure c!m istinas. I wish to fcee you ail, but I expect T never shaii see you uil - never no more. , 1 reniain your Dear and ffiíciionnío Wife.