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Agreeably 10 the request of several of uatBaptist friends and eubscribers, we publish to-day a series of documents developing the power of slavery, as manifested in the doings of a portion of that denomination. We ffive them all in one number, because thcy wish to distribute an extra number of the . copies cofltaintng the documents, among their friends wlio are not subscribera forthe"Sin'al." The Baptists of tliie State havo excluded slaveholders ironi the commutiion of their Church!S. In this respect? we . lieve they ;:vc in advance of the other denominalions. We hope they will aiso baar in mind, tbal they are not only members of tke. Church of Jesus Christ, and as bucIi, bound to bear tcstimony against all iniquity, but that they are also freo and independent citizens, invesled with politica! power which they are bound to exercise for the good of their country. Slavery must bo reai6ted wherevcr it shows itself', wlielher it be ia the church judicatory, the missionary board, Uie halla of legislation, or even if it site enthroned in the Presidenlial chair. We trust, the members of this rcspectable denomination in tliia State will crenerally feel thecessity and propriety of adding to tbeirec. clepiastical tcstimony, that.of their politieel votes, that as Slavery is bolh a moral anda, political evi!, it may rcceiyc froni Ihem n lhcr doublé cnpacity of citizena and chrisItians, an appropriatc and doublé condcmna-, tion.


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