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The course taken by the opponents of inli-slavery, since 1S32, fornis a curious subject ofspeculation toone vyho has markid ihe progress öfthecausd While iis fricnds verefew and feeblc, and could, as the enemiesof'trulh imagined, be calumnialed with impunity, they wcre 'hypocrites," "demons," "fiends," and o! her pretly names and Ibrms of expiession wero used to exprcès the execración of their foes. Slovvly increasingin numbers until they wcre esüinnted by hundreds, yet indomitable of spirit, and conslitiuing a harbinger, oniinous as the small black cloud seen by Gchazi, they were dignificd wiih ihe name and titlo of "fanntics," and about this period ihe renowned Jutnes Wntson VVebb proposed hanging a few hundred of thern to secure peace and quiet, About this time they began to agita te2s and endanger the "infiueuce of the pasloral office." Churches were closed aiainst them with holy horror, ind we were constanily lold "ihis is a poütical subject," - "the churches can do nothing," - "why bring ihis agitaling sulject into the churches" - "it is düwnright tacrilege." Excluded, then, from the sanctuary, they it length becarae satisfied that the most effectual mode of arousing tke church to ction, was to form themselves into a pos iticnl party, nothing doubtiDg that the churches would follow whcnever it became popular - and not till then! - But lo! we are now met with a different o'ijection - 'Mhis is a moral subject" - "not a poütical one." "You can do nothing by poliiical action!" Finding us, however, inacces "reason" as the smal! politicians cali tl selfish views and measures, they endeav4 ored to cnjole us, and in this Cor once they succeeded. "We." said the whig politicians, 'havo some vitally important measure to carry. touching the interest of the whole country. Help us to elect 4 Old Tip' aud then we will help you," besides they ropresented him as an abolitionist himself. Deceived by these fair promises many of the abolitionists, parlicularly in this Stf.te voted the "Tip and 'JY' ticket, and what has been iheir reward? Why Jast winter we presented petitioris lo the whig Legislalure, elected by our votes, asking a jury trial for persons claimed as s!aves; and also thal the Legislatura vould propose an alteration in the constitution, giving Iho ï-ights of sufl'rageto all men irrespective Of color. These peiiHoii3 were not even noticed !! The "glorious Whigs" wero in power, jure divino, as they conceived, and treuled our petttions with superciliouB contemptl


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