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Sf RAYËD A WA Y, TfTUom the premises of the subscriber, reJL siding in the vilbge of Anti Arbor, (lowcr town,) on the night ofthel7th inst., a black line back : '"forro w cow, aboul five ycars oíd, with asuiall wliite 8ot on her Jbrehend, and one white hind loot. No othcr marks recollected. Any person who will return s I cow, or give infonnation where fclie iiiay b found shall be reasonably rewarded. f ' N.SULUVAN. Aun Arbor, A'ov. 24, 1841.

For reinoving c'iseases arising from an abuao of Mercury, chronic and constitutional diseases, such as scrofula or King'ti evilj secondary syphillis, ulcerations, corroslong of the throat, nos, chccks, Iips,ear3 and olher parts of the body, eruptions on the skin, rheumatic allcclions, white swellmgs, pain8 in the bonos and joints, fever sores, obstinate old sores, scalled head, salt rheum, ring worm and othor d'i6oases arising froni au impure state of iheAleo, habitual costivenese, piles, chronic affeclions of thc liver, lungs and chest, paine in the Btomach and sides,night sweats &c. It a likewiso much recomraended as a cleansing spring medicine. Tlns compound fluid extract is Altera tive, Diuretic, Diaphoretic, Laxative, Arometic, ind slightly slimulont, and may be ueed aucesáíuliy in ecroffulus and eyphiloid diseases, lid thui shattered átate of ihc Couslitutiou vhich so often follows the abuse of mercury, exotoses or morbid enlargetnent.of the bones supiginou8 muslule8 of ringworm; ulcera. ions generally; caries of the bones; curUlejf:s oí' the no3t', raouth, with the other dis- eases above mentioned, and all diseases ar6i ng from a morbid state of the blood. There ís hnrdly a physician who has not tad occasion to observe wilh pain, the phagedenic variely of lierbs; and in spiteofall their remedies he could bring againsl thia cruel di&ease, was coinpclled to acknowiedge their mefíicacy and allow the monster lo corrode and destroy the nosc, cheeks, lips, eyelids ears and temples ;partB of which thia malady generally affeets a preference. Butin this extract, willbo found a perfect reineuy, ïu all euch cases, and where the diseasg has uot produced a very great deranement of structuse, it will even yield to Ihis remedy in a very short time. Within a very short period, ïhere haa been great improvemenls in France, on the pharmaceutical and chemical trcatment of Sarsaparilla, and it has been fully proved tbat nine-tenths of the active principies of that valuable root ia nctually lost, ii the usual mode of preparing it lor medical use. The compound extract being a very nice pharmaceutical preparaliun, requires the most rigid care and skillful management, and not without stnet reference to the peculiar active principio of each of its constituenta. Tbe French Cbemists have ascertained by actual experiment, that the active principie of Sasapanila is either destroyed by chemical change, or driven offby the heat oí boiling water; consequently the preparalions frora llns root in general use, (which are aleo frequently prepared by persons unacquainted with pharmacy, and from materials ren dered inert by age or otherwiee,) can havo linie or noeiièct upon the system. G. VV. M. laking advantage of these facts has adopied an improved proceBs fur extraclinff the medical values from the ac-rlive ingredients of thia compound fluid extract, which are nine in number, without heal; that is to say, neither concuction, infusión or maceralion are made use of; nor iss the temperature of the menstrum allowed lo excecd 80 dog. fah. until every partiële of active principie is exbausted, lea ving a tasteless mass beliind; thereby obttuning tho wholeofthe soluble active principie in a highly concentiated state, leaving out the fécula woody ñbre, kc. which encurnbers tñe extract obtained by decoclion. The proprietor, therefore, has not only the salisfaction of asauring the medical faculty and the public, thatthis remecí y is prepared accord. ing to elrict chermcal and piiantiaceutical rules, but that he nlso united some of tha cfficinale valuable and active vegetables, all of the cnoicest eelection which materially enhances lts value in ihe treatmcnl of the diseaaes obovd named. Me is thcreforc induced to offor this fluid extract to physicians and others, under the fuJlest conviction Of its superiority over that in cotnmon use. Phj8cians will find };reat advantage ift the use of this extract, and a great relief Trom the perplexities attendant upon the :reatment of those obstinate cases which bid defiance to every remedy; their confidenee prompte them to prescribe such a diet and régimen as in their judgement the case would ,;. seern to indícate; tnere giving the extract its full influeTOe, This extract is prepared from the beet se Iected materiaJs, without heat, by an im. proved process; on account of which, it is preferred by phyeicians ns being more active ihan any othernow before the public. Prepared at the Chemical Laboralory of G. W. Mercliant, Chemist, Lockport, N.Y, N. B. A liberal discount made to dealere and Pbysicians. The above article may Ie had at the stoio of J. McLean, Jackson; Hale & timith, Grass Lake: and by the principie DruggisU throughoutthe State. W. S. fy J. W. Maynard, oud J.II.Lund, asents, Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor, Nov. L4, 1641. 3ltf

The peculiaritieeofthie Chemical , pound.are owing to its evtraordinary effects upon the animal fiure or nerves, hgaments and muscles, its virlueB being carried by - them to the immediate seat of disease, or ot pain and weakness. However good any internal remedy may be tliis asan externa! applicalion, will prove a powerful auxiüary, in removing the disease and facilitatiDg the cure, in ense of Local Inflammation, Scrofulous AffectionP, Kmg's Evil, Gout, Inflamatory, and Chronic Rheumatism, and in all case3 wliere eeated pain or weakness existe. A gentlemen travelling m the SoutTi ot Europe, and Palestine, in 1830, heard so !muoh said in the latter place, in praiso ot Jew David's Piaster; and of the (as he considored) miraculous cures it performed, tha he waa induced to try n on his own person, for a Lungand Liver affection, the removal ofwhich had been the chief object of hisjourney, but -.vhich had resisted the genial ïnüuence of tliat balmy and dclicious climate.- He put over the región over the liver; in tho mean timo ho drank freely of an herb ten of laxative quolities. He soon found his health improving; and in a few weeks " his cough lefl him, the sallowness of his eUin disappeared, his pain was removed, nd his health became permanently re-instati-d. It has Iikewi8o bei;n very beneficial in cases of weflkness, such as weakness and pain in the stornach, weak limbs, lameness, and aifections oftbespine, female weakness, cj-c. Aro female subject to pain or weakness in the back or side should be without it. Married ladies, in delicate situations find great relief from constantly wearing this piaster. No puffing, orgreat notonous certificatea is intended. Those who wish to satisfy themselves of the efficacy of this piaster, can obtain sufficient to spread 6 or 3 piasteis for 50 cents, asum not ha}f sufficient to pay for the insertion of a single certifícate int o any of our mo6t comino prints, a singlo - This trifiing price per box ia placed upon it, in order that it may be within the rr.eans of every aíDtcted son or daughter of the com munity : that all, whotber rich or poor, may, obtain the treasuro of hcalth, which resulta from its uso. Jew David's or Hebrew Piaster, is a eertain cure for corns. Direction8 accompany ach box. Price 50 cents. Dooliltle & Ray, agents for Michignn. Country agents supplied by M. W. Birchard Si Co., Detroit. Sold by Dr. McLean Jaukson ; Dewey fc Co., iVapuleon; D. D. Kief, Manchester; Ellis S,' Pierson, Clinton; F. Hall, Leoni ; G. G. Grewell, ürass Lake; Keeler fc Power, Concord. Ann Arbor, May 12, 1841. tf

TAILORING BUSINESS! AM. NOBLE, would respectfully in form the citizcns of Ann Arbor and its vicinity, that he lias recently opened a shop fn the Lower Town, irnmeiüately over the late niercantile stand of Lund Sf Gibson, ond opposite the shoe store of J. Beckley, & Co., wbere lie is prepared at all times to do work in liis line, wkh promplness, and in a neat and durable rnanner. Particular attention wjll be paid to cutting garments. Produce wijl be taken at the usual prices, for work done at hisshop. - Those who have cash to pay for services o iliia kind, are particular invited to ca!l. p, S,- Wanted, a boy from 12 to 15 yearï of age, as tui apnrentice to tho ri"i.i!pring Business. Ann Arbor, October 6. 1841. tf NEW GOODS. AGOOD assortmentof most kinds of Goods that are needed are now opened and ready for display or sale, at the store formerly occupied iy Degraffk, Toivnsend, in Ana Arbor, (Upper Town,) which will be sold to those who wish to buy and pay money or almost any kind of Produce, by F. DENISON. Ann Arbor, Nov. 17, SOtf JY. B. Not knowing the pnces at which Goods are sold in this región, I must rcquest ihoye who vish to knovv if they are clieap to cali and examine for themselves. Porh, fVheat and Butler are taken in exchangefor good8 and at fair prices. F. D. IN ATTACHMENT. Id attachment, bef ore C. W. Lane Justice. William Sperry. i V8. Washtenaw county, bs Carlos Joslin, 3 AN attachment having issued in the above entitled cause, and the defendant not havingappeared at the return tbereof; notice is therefore hereby given that the 8iid cause cause is continued to the l3th day of November next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, at the office of the eaid justice ín the villoge of Ypsilanti, in said county. WILLIAM SPERRY. August 4. 1841. 27-4wr TAKEN UP Bthe subscriber, living :i the town of Green Oak, Livingston County, on the 5th of October, inst.. a dark brown steer, two years oíd; no other marks percivable. Tho person, owning such steer, will come forward, prove property, pay charges and take lum away, otherwise he will be disposed of according to law. JOHN MONAHAN. ,y Green Oak, Oct. 13, 1841. _ CAUTION. ISRAEL E. GODLEY, an indented apprentice, about fourteen years old, havingbeen coerced from the employment of the subscriber; ihe public are hereby cautiöned against trusting said Boy on his account, as he will pay no debts of hie contractinor from the pr tsent date. Z. WALDRON. Northfield, Nov. 17, 1841. 30-Lw Produce oí every Xcscriptioti) J ECEIVED in payment for Job work, HL Advertising and Subscriptione to the "SignaIí of Liberïv," if delivered at tbe Ollice, immediately over tb StDre of J. Beckley, k, Co. Apri 38.

WHICH 8EIX3 IN THI3 COÜRTttT FOB. $18 ( TO S2& PER COl'ï. ] Every man, woman and child in the , ted States, who posscss a Bible, will surely furnish themselves ipitk the Jolloioing heautiful series of Scripture Illustrations. fiOTORIAL ILLU8TRATI0NS OF THB BÍBLE, ANÜ VIEW OF THB II O L Y LAND. JVew, cheap and valuable publication.-Four hundred pages, 3 vo.fine paper,handsomely bound. ïrice only TIVO DOL LARS. The subscriber respectfully iiirvitea the atlention of Clergymen, Teachers of Sabbath Schools, Heads ofFamilies.andj Booksellers ihronghout ihe United tates.tot the above New, Cbenp and spleudidly lllus-; Irated work. Published and for sale et No.i 122, Nassau 6treet, New York city. lts. features are better defintd by tho tille:- Twohundred Pictorial Illustraiions of the SCRIFTURES, COKSISTO 01? VIEWS IN T,HE HOLY LAND; Together with many of the most romarkable objects mentioned in the oíd and new testamente, represenling sacred historical events, copied frotn celebraled pictures, principally by the old mnsters. the landscape ecene&, taken from original sketches madeonthuj spot, with full and interesting Ietler.pres8 dtscriptions, dovotcd to an examination uf the objects mentioned in thé socred toxt. J On examination this will be found a very pleasant and profitable book, especially for the perusal of Young Peotle, aboundmg in; .the most valuable information, collected with great care, from llie best and latest sou rees. ltmay, very propcrly, be designated a cora-, mon place book for every thing valuable ' lating to oriental manners, cusioms. &.c.and comprises within Ueelf a complete library.of religious and useful knowledge. A volume like the present, is far superior lo the com-, mon Annuals - it will never be out of dale. It 13 beautifully printed in new long primer' type- handsomely bound in Muslin, gilt and lettered; and is decidedly,ihe best and cheapest publication (for the price,) ever issued, from the American Press. yThe above work may bo had nt the Book store of Dea. Cijas. Mosely, one door west of the Lafjyetto House, Ann Arbor. A liberal discount rnado to Wholesale pur-, chasers. Persons in the country, wishing to act aa agents, may obtain all the necessary infonuation, by addressing their letters lo the subscriber, No. 122, Nassau street, N. Y. j ROBEltT SEARS, Publisher. Clergymen, Superintendante and 1 of sabbath schools, agente of religious newspapers and periodicals,postmas!eis and booksellers, throughout the country, are respectfully requested to act as our agents. No letter will b8 taken from the office unless post paid. ____ I To Puhlishers of Papers ihrovghout the United ütatcs. - Newspapers or Magazines, copyiog the above entirc without any alteration or abridgement (including this nolice,) and giving it 12 inside inserlions, shalJ receive a copy of the work, (subject to tkeir order,) by sending directions to the Publisher. L9I2w

PB0SrECTU3. THE Publishers of the New York Tribune, encouraged by ihe generous patronage and hearty approval which has been extended to their Daily paper 6nco ite establishment, and wliich has already rendorp ;t íjiq eeccfid in point of circuí"',., on in the city, propuso to publish on and after the I8lh day of September, a VVeokly edition on a sheet of mammolh size, excluding all matter of a local or transitory interest, and calculated inainly for Country chculation. The Tribune - vvhether in ts Daily or Weekly edition - will be what its name imports - ar unflinching supporter of the People's Rights and Interests, in stern hostility to the errors of superficial theorists, the influence of unjust or imperfect legislation, and theschenis and sophistries ofself-6eekïng deuiagogues. It will strenuously advocate the Pro'.ection of American Industry, ugainst the grasping, and to us, blightin.g policy of European Govrnments,5 and tho unequal competition which they force upon us, as also, against the present depressingsystem of State Prison Labor. It will advocate the restoration of a sound and uniform Naáonal Currency; and urgo a discreet but determined prosecution of Interna! Improvernent. The Retrenchment, wherever prac- ticable, of Government Expenditures and of Executive Patronage, will be zealously urg ed. In short, this paper will faithfully maiiitain and carneslly advocate tho Principies and Measures which the Peoplo npproved, in devolvingon Whig statesmen theconduct of their Government. .Bul a small portion, however, of its columns will be devoted to purely Pohtical dis cussions. The proceedings of Congress will I be carefully. recorded; the Foreign and Do mestic intelligencc early and lucidly present: ed; and whatever shall appear calculated to promote morality, maintain social order, ex' tem] the blessings of education, or in any wa y subserve the great cause of human pro gress to ultímate virtue, liberty and happrness, will fine! a place in our columnsThe Weekly Tribune will be published every Saturday morning in Qnarto form, on a very large imperial sheet, (31 by 42 inches,) and afibrded to subscribers at TWO DOLLARS a year. Six copies will be forwarded a year for Ten Dollars. Ten copies for lifteen dollars, and any larger number ir. the latter propoition. Payment in advance will be invariably required, and the paper stopped whenever the term of such payment expires. Subscriptions arerespectfully solicitad by GREELY & McELRATH, 30 Ann-st. New York, August 17, 1041 . Editors of weekly Journals who desire an exchange with tlio Tribnne are requested to. Tive this Prospectus an insertion in theit columns.

TjCBLANK.S:Of evcry description neatlj ■- exer.uted at this office. Ann Arbor, My 12, 1 84 UMORTGAGE SALE. EFAULT having been made m th& Jp paymeatofa cerCain sum of moaey, 8ccured by iodenturo of mortgage! executed by Barney Davanny tu Jacó L, Larzelere and George B. Daniels, dated' July the 21st, A. I). 1337, and recorded in the registers office in the county of Wash-, tenavv, Ajichigan, on the 28th day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eeven, in liberfh0 ot' morigages at page two hundred and eighty-Uiree, whcreon is due at the date of this notice two hundred and eight dollars and (orty four cents, which said inortgage bas beon duly assigned io the subsciiber. Notice Í3 theretbre hereby given thaton Thursday the third day of Febrnary next, at one o'clock, p. m., at the Conrt House in il village of Ann Arbor, in the county of Washtenaw, will be sold at public nuction tho, premises in said mortgage described, being all that certain picce or parcel of landt sitúate in the county of Washienaw, State of Michigan and boundud and dcsctibed as follows: it being the west half of tho southwest quartcr ot' section number seven, ia township number one eouth of range number four east, containing eighty ono and thir ty ono hundredlh acres of land. FRANCIS ATCON1N, Asaigno. L. IJ. Hkwett, Atlorney. Dated Nov. Ist 1841. THRESHING MACHINES, HORSE POWER, MILLS, Uc. THE undersigned are manufacturinganí will keep constantly on hand at tüeir shop two and a hall" mi!e6 west of Ann, Arhor, near the Rail Road, HORSE POWÉRS and TURÏSSJMNG MACHINES.-" The horee power is a new invenlioo by S. VV. Fostkr, and is docidedly superior toany thing of the kind ever before offbred to j Ihu Public. The pnce of a Four Hortt Poteer, with a good Threshing Machine ia lL0 dollars, at the shop; without the Machine, ninety dollars. These Horco Powers can be used with two, thrce or fout : horeeá to good advantage. Threa men witír , tvo horses, can thresh one liundred tushels of wheat per day (if it yields middüng well ) and it will not be hard work lor the horaÉ The Horse Poioer and TKitsher can botfi ; put in a coinmoa waggo uox, and dr ' any distance by Uvo horsea. The jfw Horse Power will be sold at the 6hop, witli i the Thresher for one huudred dollars; with1 out the Thresher, for seventy-five dollars. i Thcy a!so manufacture STRAW CUT1 TERS, recently nvented by S. VV. Fosteh, which are decidedly preforablc lo any other for cutting straw or curn stalks, by horse or : water power. They also woik ly baad.- Pricc', fifteen dollars. - ALSO- I CAST-IRON M ILLS for grinding provpnder, at the rate of six to eight bushelspot hour, with two horses or by water. - Also - (Cr-SMUT MACHINES of superior construction. Invented by S. YV. Fosteiv- i Price, sixty dollars. I S. W. FOTER, Sc Ca Scio, June 2á, 1841. io-Ijf " YPS1LANTI ACADEMY, AND TEACHERS' SEMINARY. HH. GllIFFEN, Principal, whofor. O merly had charge of the Teachers Seminary at Ann Arbor, and also at Graw Lok e, The eixth term of tliis In6titutioa wíl! ! commence on Wodiieaufiy, THE 24TH DAY OF NOVEMBE next, and continue eleven weeks. Whila thia school is equally open to all of both sexes, who wish to acquiro a good Englisb , uuGaiicn, parlicular attention will be given to those preparing to Tcach. The Languages not being taught in this Seminary, the moru exclusive and uninterrupted attention will be given to impart a practical knowl edge of' the English Branches. I Apparalus. - The InsUtution is furnished with Chemical, Phüosophical and Astro nomical Apparatus, Surveying Instrumenta, &.C. &.C to the amount of S30Ü. Tuilion, - In tho Common English Branches, #3,50. In the Higher English Branches, from $i 50 to #5,00. Extra Branches. - Mezzotinto and Chinese or Theorem Painting, $3,00 each, fof 12 Lessons, taught by Plits Griffin. The tuition is to be paid at the middleof the term. No deduction fur absence willbfr made except for protracted 6ickness, and no one will be received for less than five and a. half weeks. Board for O1,50 per week, includiDLr washing. Rooms rnay be had reasonablcv where persons tnay board themselves. For further particulajs euquire of the Principal. Ypsilanti, Oct. L7, U4U ?Il25_ DYÊSTUFF'S. ENDIGO, Madder, Alum, Coperas, fao.for sale cheup at Ann Arbor, (Upper Town,) by F. DENISON


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