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V11 be pubüs!:í?d every Wednesday morn iocin Anti Arbor, W'aehteriaw coimty, Michjwn. ly lne Executive Comroittee, for the Michigan State Slavery Society. M. SUL.LIVAN, PRINTER. TfBJïS-- 2,00 per antiuni, in advance. $2,50 in six months. $3,00, if payir.ent be elaycJ Ui the close of the year. A strict adnef.'iico to liie abovc ierms wilj bo obserd in every case. 0-No paper wiü bo discontiriued until all irrearages ore paid.;}} AvEr.Ti3ESJEMá LiiciiiU fully received and inserlcd at the usual prices n this vicinily. Anv i'riend of human'ty desiriag to uid the eiuso of Liberty, is authorized to act as Agent. All KEMiTTANCRs ond all Communications designod for publication or in any manner relafing to the i'Signal of Liberty," vvill be hcreafier addri?sscd (TJpost p:ul=J) SioNAii or Libebtt; dnn ArLor, Micíí." Oiir Trai'cíiíiis atid Local Agenls, THHOUGHOÜT THE STATE, AilK KSPBCIALLY BBftOEáTED TO NüTICE THE TERM OX WH!Cn THI3 PAPER 13 PUBLIcIIKD. As IT f9 EXHKCTED THET WII,I,IAKE THEIR COLIECTION8 AKD REMlTTAHCES IN ACCORDANCE rHESBWITnj IN IÍVERY INSTAN CE. felGNAL OF LIBERTY. WiïdHCSiiaj, December 8, L8ii.


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