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Slaveholding State

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■Oh o sally n shCveholdtng Stut'?. The condiiion of the coloree! people throughout this slate, in some respectiva no beller ihau slavery. Tiietr evidence against white persons is not allowed in legal proceedings. A reppectablo coiored man iii Piqua, had one (f his horses stolen !y a whiie man rccenlly, whom he saw in the act of the lljeft, - But, on prosecutinr him, Ihe case was dismissed because the laws of üxefree State of Oiiio would not allow the oath of a coiored man to be taken, where the rights of a white skin, (or one so callee!) were coücerned! Zioifs Watchman. Out of 14,189,108 tree whiie inhabitnnis of the U. States, as shown hy ilie last census, there are 7i)lone hundred years of age, and upwarde. Of 2,487 ,213 slaves, there are no less tiian 1,333 of the same age.