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Wesleyan A. S. Society

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The annual meeiing of the Michigan Wesleyan Auti-Slavery Society will be holden at Ann Arbor on the second Wednesday oí J;inunry next to commence precisely at 10 o'clock A. M. nnd cominue [lirough the day and eyenin. Lot cvery member of the Methodist Episcopal church in this Siate, who loves the cause oí the poor slave, and wishes well to Zion, be n attendance. We bid them a heariy welconie to our village, and will do all in our power to mako them comfortable wbile among us. Let those choice spirits who durbg the past year have feit it their duty to seccde from the church come up to our solemn feust. We shall rcjoice to receivo them as fellöw laborera in the the cause of cmancipation, - Come, brethren; to the