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Extensive Conflagration: One Hundred And Fifty Thousand Doll...

Extensive Conflagration: One Hundred And Fifty Thousand Doll... image
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From the Detroit Adv. Extra. Sunday Evening 5 o'clock. The most valuable square in the city of Detroit is in ashes! We have only time to give a very brief account of the terrible conflagration. The fire broke out at 10 o'clock Saturday evening. The following property destroyed: The Ohio House Block, reaching from the brick building to Woodbridge Street. - Here the fire originated. Loss cannot be less than $20,000. Wooden building extending from the corner of Woodword avenue to Griswold st. Small loss- say $5,000. Building, four story brick corner of Jefferson and Woodward Avenue, occupied by F. Raymond- goods all saved.- By Warren, groceries- loss about $7,000 insured partially. By Daily Advertiser office-loss about $8,000- insured in Kalamazoo mutual for $4,500. The four story brick building, corner of Jefferson avenue and Griswold st., the cost $28,000: insured about $6,000, occupied by Custom House, J. Palmer, Dry Goods, A. S. Bagg, bookstore and Free Press office. Loss of buildings $20,000, insured $6,000. Palmer saved his goods, Free Press, all destroyed - insured 5,000 dollars on office and store - Drew, Jones and Goddard owned the building. - The wooden buildings adjoining the latter brick, and occupied by Garrison's dry goods store; mostly saved; building burnt! Binghams drug and grocery store ; goods mostly saved; insured probably. Tho four story brick building, occupied by Newbould's Hardware Store, and Gardner's crockery store. Loss of building, say $15,000. Goods in Hardware store all destroyed: loss $30,000, insurance $10,000. Crockery store about 10,000; some insured. Wooden building occupied by A. C. McGraw's shoe store; loss $8,000, partially insured. In same building, G. & J. G. Hill, drugs and groceries; loss $5,000; mostly insured. Building owned by Maj. Dequindre.