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Horrid! An Unparalled Murder

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One oithe most atrocious murders vo ever heard of, occurred iu Orange st. N. York, on New Year's day. A brute named Thomas Toppen, who has long-abused nis wife, murdered her by beating and 6iab)irig for several hours between 11 and 5 o'clock Ihat day'. After breaking the broom over her hcad, lic stabbed her with the sharp end of the broken stick - potinded her with the hammer - and íinally cap)ed the climax of alrocity by digging out ïer eyes with a knife and fork. TJiis was the hprrid scène wi;nessrd by their son, aged 14, who cama to wisli tlietn a "happy New-Yeur." It is adticd thul a womun named Kelly who üved ín iho same room, wilncsseJ the progress uf tlio honid bulchery ! The murciorer and bil murdered wife weie addicted to drunkeaness, as niiíjht be guessed.