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Anniversary Of The Michigan State A. S. Society

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The annual meeting of the Society was held at Marshall, February L, 1842. The President, Rev. J. P. Cleveland, took the Chair, The meeting wus opened by prayer by Rev. Mr. Chace. T. Fosier and J. N. Stickney were appointed Secretaries. - Messra Barnes Taylor, Millard, Stewart, and Ingersoll were appointed to make a roll ofmembers, and the fulltiwirig ligt was reported ; Waync County.- C. II. Stewart; Doet. A. L. Potter. Washtenaw County - J. P. Weeks, G. Millard, M. Kenny, C. B. Seymour, A. A. Copeland, Amasa Gillett, T. Foster.. .1. B. Barnes, L. II. VVhitman, S. Dutton, J. VV. Broclis. Jacltson Üounty. - Oliver íLimpton, JoUtah Whitman.O. H. Fifieltl, Wm. Fifield, J. B. Adams. Israel S. Love. Rov. N. G. Chase, John M. Reed, Ira A. Willis, J. H Burrows, David Smalley, C. L. R. B. Rexfotd,Rev. E. J. Boyd, Thomas Mc1 Ges, Rev. W. B. Hotcbkiss. Calhoun Couity. - Rev. C. B. Taylor, John S. Lew 9, Jas. Cunningham, D. M. BushneU, Geo. Willard, Peter Holmes, Mr Bordwell, J. L Lord, G. G. LVy, 1. N.Taytor, E. Child, Ira Nash, George H. B.arber, G. B. Blank, J. B. Marsh, J. S. Fitch,RevWm A Bronson, John White, G L Prindle, M Miller, V Park, A [iewis. Jas. Calhoun, jr. James ft. Mason, Edwin Gore, Alexander Thompson, Josiah Bradish, Ancel Adams, E. Thomas, S. P. RiceJ T Gilbert, RevJ Wilder, Rev. ï. P. Claaveland, Thomas Hamilton, John G. Randall, Josiah Bradish, John B. Tuck er, Isaac Merrit, Stephen Meritt, Stephen Elawks, L.orin Brown, Nathaniel Reed, S. D.amon,MH Bardwell. Branch County. - Rev John Twiss, J. D Zimmerman, J M Goodman, A Waters, B Brown, J N Stickuey, A Sauders, C Hammond. Lenawee County. - Rev. I. L. Thomiinson, C. PhilbrookjRev. John W. Pierce, B. Trask, R. L. Hall, J. F. Dolbean. St. Joseph County. - C. Gurney, Naihan Nickerson,Rev. H. H. Northrop. Hïllsdale County.- Rav. R. B.Bement. Oakland County. - Nathan Power,JoeI Bostvvick, Erastus Ingersoll. Kalamazoo County - N. M Thomas. Eaton County. - Nelson Thomas. Ionia County. - John Thomas. Cass County. - Simon Puttison, Luther ülumphrey. DelegcdeSt whose places of residence verenot ascertained - B. Hall, G. Lowrey, WilÜam Braee, 1. N. Lowrey, Rev. F. IV. Pierce, A. W. Bushnell, M.'S. G!eason, N. Durfee, C. M. Boardman, W. E. Wells, R.Biker, W. Bncon.EM K.ngsury, S H E Hall , A Herrick, D Bardwell, VV Blank, W Thomson. Oa motion of Dr. Porte r, all persons who are members of any Anti-slavery Soiiety, or who recognize the principies of Anti-slavery Societies, were invited to act is msrabers q( the Society, Nathan Power explained ths cause of the absence of James G. Birney, he being Jetained from altending the Anniversary Meeting by unxvoidable private engagecuenta. The folio wing were appoiníed a Business committce, viz: C H Stewart, J B Barnes, Nathan Power, E P Ingersoll, E. Chiid. Messrs Taylor, McGee, Porter, Thomas and Dutton, were appointed a committee to nomínate Üfficers, and lo desígnate Ihe place of ihe next Annual Meeting. The Report of the Executive Committee was read, and accepted, and reierred to a committee, consisting of Mesers Bement, Tomlinson, Cochraüe, Wilder and Gurney, for revisión previoua to publication. The Report of the Treasurer was read, and accepted, and referred to Messrs Northrop and Stewart to be audiled. The business committee reporled a resolution setting forlh the principies and objectsoi the Anti Siavery enterprise, which vas discusscd at considerable length by C H Stewart, Rev Mr Wilder and othors, but was subfcequently recommitted to the business committee for amendment. Messrs Fitch, Goodman, Rexford and Gillen were appointed a committee on Financo. Closed with prayer, by Eider Twiss. EVENINQ SE3SI0N. Prayer by Rev J B Ingersoll. Rev R B Bement, from the committee uppointed to revise the Annual Report of j E.ceculive Committee, reported anaMflidment thereof, which was agreed to, ■i-I the Report was ordercd to be publish' ip he "Signat of Liberty." A rulo was adopted restrieüng the ca! ra fromspeftking moro than thirly ..iuutc3 at ono time. Tho business committee reported n se'es cf resolution8 whicb were accepted, md are as follows: Roaolved, That the principies of this [Ucavèoiion are founded in love, justice, .-a.rir.'L:nandchri8tianity: they recognize ":ne existing rights of tbe originalholding States, and regard the federal compact of the Constituiion fa be itiviutable. Resolved, Thai the action of the Antislayery party of this State is as folio ws: - It seeks to opérate polilically andmorally; politically in this State - in the Territorios - and on the subjects, which are wuhin the jurisdiction of federal legislation: - elsewhere, and on olher subjecls, it uses moral suasion. Resolved, That political actiua in ibis State has the following objccts; to tlofend the righl oí petition,and hberty ofspeech; to procure for fugitive 6laves, the righl of trial by jury j to strike froni our Siate Con Siitution the qualifieation of color, as essential to elective franchise, and to procure the political power of the State in support of all oit State and federal rights: in seeking a jury trial it is not desired to interfere ïtli ibe legul rights of the master, jut merely to leave to twf.lvjb men, rath er than o"E, the decisión of fucts, which oy the federal censtitution, must be ascer tained. Resolved, That political action in Territories or Districls, anti on subjecls unrlcr federal legislation, bas for its object, the enlire aboli3hment of slavery, atiü the discontinuance of its trade. Resolved, That we as a part of the peole of the United States, claim the rij;ht to represent and carry out, constitutionally, these our principies, wherever our Ropresentatives have trie legal power, iuasmuch as their power emanating from their constituent?, render thembut theservants of the latter. Resolved, That we recognize the constituiional rights of slave States as sacred aa our own, and that we have never liad any design to inierfere therewith. Resolved, Tüat'we contémplate no political action, in our judgment inconsistent with the above principies. Resolved, That we regard slavery as foundcd on principies directly antagonist to oure, viz: selfiohness, injustice, mtght, and the desire lo upbuild private on the ruins of public inlerests: and also, to bo altogetherat vuriance with the principies of our Declaration of ludependence, and those of republican instiiutions. Resolved, That to protnote our principies, antagonist to those of slavery, we regard independent polilical action, to be the plain, proper and necessary course, and experience has already proved it so. Resolved, Thatthe results of independent political action, even in iis infuncy, have been such as to encourage ail its friends to persevere, and lo convince hon_ est doubters, thai the couise is wise and proper, which has increased in the unprecedented ratio that independent polmcal anti slavery has. Resolved, That we recoinmend and beseech all true friends oí the cause, to cooperate heuceforth with the mcasures of this Convention, and not to weigh the comparatively light principies ofordinary jolinos against hose weighty and numen ous principies, which they theniselves recognize, and admit to be of paramount imnn'tance. Resolved, That the anti slavery princi3le3 involve, in a more extended degree, ihuse principies which are in conlest bctween the leading political parties of the day. Resolved, That for the purpose of giving efficacy to the proceedings of the coming year, a corresponding local committee be formed in every county of the State, to consistof two members, and to be now appointed;the Execuiive Committee having power to HU all vacancies, and increase their number. Such local committees shall correspond with the Executivc and corresponding committees of the Society, and be auxiliary thereto, nd the duty skall bc hcirs, to aid in circulating the Signal of Liberty, and anti slavery documenta m their district, to procure lectures, or discussions on the subject, and carry into effect the operations of the Execuiive Committee. Resolutions numbered 9 and 10 were taken up ond fully discussed by Messrs Gurney, Bement, Blanks, Porter, Twis9, Brooks, Barnes, Wilder, Stewart, Power, RexfordjDutlon and Cleveland, and adopted unanirnouBl)'. On motion of Dr. Barnes, Resolver!, Thai this Cunvention recommend to the friends of thfl Anti Slavery cause in this Slute, to hold a State Convention at Ann Ar'oor on the first of August, (ihe Anniversary of West India Emancipation,) to notninato suitable liherty candidates lo represent thts State in Congress, and that a corresponding committee of üve be appointed lo give the necessary notice3, and make the nccessary arrange"meuts. Provided, tbat f the Stute shall be divirled into District?, suitable District Conventions shall be called. Ches'r Hammond and R B Rexford wert; nppointed to nomínate that committee. Closed with prayer by Rev. Mr. Taylor. pEB, 3. - Society met at 9 o'clock, A.M Prayer by Rev. Mr Humphrey. The report of the committee to audit the Treasurer'a account was received and adopted, and the account thereby autlited and allo wed. The committee on Nominations reported, that the next Anniversary of the Society be held at Ann Arbor, and that the following persons be the officers of thecieiy for ihe ensmng ear, Tho report was adopted. For President. CHALES IÍ. STEWARt, of Wayne. Vice Presidente. R. B. Rexfokd, Jackson. Amara, Washtenaw. A. L. Porter, Waync. Charles Gurnf-y, St. Juseph. Nathan Power, Oaldand. N M. Thomas, Kalamazoo. Executive Commitlee. Cuy Bècklrv, '] J B ahnes, S B Noble, } Waslilenaw. S, Fkancis J Ti Foster, Cor. jS'ec1 . Jciin Chandler, Rei;. Secy. G. Bkcklky, Treasurer. In accofilanco with ihe report of the committeo appointed for ihai purpose, the Follöwing were constituted u Sialo corresponding connnittce: H. Stewakt, Detroit. Arthur L. Porter, " Jonic Dimo.nd, " Nathan Power, Farmington. Sah'l P Mead, Plymouth. On motion of Rev. Mr. Humphrey, the speakers were restricted to 15 mi mi tes each. The Commillee on Finanee tnnde a statement of the arrearages due from the Society, nfter which a collection in CRsh and pledges was taken amounting ir $129. 25, townrds liquidating the claims of S. B. Treadwell, and werecommitted to Nathan Power with instructions togive his receipt Cor the sanie to the President, and to obtain a receipt from Mr. Treadwell in full of his detnnnds upon the State Society. The Finance Commitleo furiher leported, that ihe Society has been encouraged by the success which has aitended the issuing of the organ of the society during the past year, and that there wül be needed 105 to cancel the debt incurred during ihal period. There will be needed, and the society pledges itself to raise, the sum of $500 to forward the operalions of the an ti-slavery society during tbe coming year, in addition to the present ainount on the subscription list of the Signal of Liberty. The report was adopted, and pledges were ihen given amounting to $145, and cullected,$3. Messrs. Tomlinson and JSement were uppoinled to nomínate a county corresponding cbmiimíéé consisting oí two persons ín each county [agreeably to resolution 13.] They repurted the followingnames, and the report was ödopled. Closed by prayer h Rev.Mr.'TomlinSOQ. AFTERNOON SESSION. Prayer by Mr. Dutton. The remaining resolutions reporled by the business committee, were discussed and ödopted. The follovving resolutions wereseverally moved and adopted. Whereas, a proposal is before the pub!ie for a (Dass meeting of the Pïashingto- nian Temperance Associulion in this State, about the 4th of July next, therefore, Resolved, That when the public ehall be specifically cerlified of the time aud place of said meeting, nolice sshail furthwith be puMished by the corresponding secretary of this body, of n mass meeting of the friends of the slave and of republican liberty at the same place, lo be opened immediately afterlhe Washingtonian convention, unlesa the Executive Committee deern the meeting inexpedient. Adopted. Resolved, That this Convenlinn unitedly and publicly proclnim themselves to be "Washivgtonian Abolitioni&ts" and that our creed is exact íy announced in ihe words of the venernted Faiher of his country - George Washington - lowil : "the abolilion of öluvery, and that tliere is only one proper and tffectual mode by which it can be ticcoinplifhed, nd thut is by 'legislaTI VE AÜTH0R1TV.' " Reso?vcrfj That íjotwiihsíandingour recognition of the single, great and more than any olher important qualifioation vhich we seek in selecting our candidatos for the 6ufirnges of the people, viz: The acvijcacy of our prinotple9 on all Iegislative occasions, in preference to all else, - we deern it not inconsistent Lut dc-iirable, to require in each candidato a practical regard for tïie principies of moraluy and virtue. Resolvei', That the Executive Cornmittee be einpowered to cali an extra meeting uf the society if the exjgencies of the limes deraand it. Resolved, That it is the duty of every philmjthropist, every Patriot, every Christian, every niaa, woman and clnld, of overy name, who enn offer a petition, it is ihe duty of every one, daily, hourly, ferently and ccnlinually, to pray that ever yoke of bendage tnay be broken; that ali the oppresscd may immediately go free. Resolved, That while we rulmit that we have no legal power to interfere with the conslitutional laws of the southern Statca reiaiing to slavery, we do say the world that we deern such ltiws contrary 10 the laws of God. Resolved. That we commend to everyfriend of our cause, the patronage of the Signal of Liberty, and would impresa upon them the duty of extending its circula-, tion, nnd that euch person should consider himself as an ngent for that purpose in his locality. Resolved, That the cordial ihnnks of the Society are herehy given töthe Execuiive Commiltee of the past yeur for the fideliiy and ability of their labora in promoting the caufe o( liberty, and nlso lo the Itev. J. P. Cleveland, Prosidenl of tho Society for his valtiable nnd disinterested services in extending our principies by lectures and othervviac. The Conveniion also express its sonse of the abiüly which has characterised the editorial columns of the Siynal of Liberty, and of the amount of unpaid lalwr of body and mind bestowed by its F.d hor, to whocn they return sincere ihank. Clused by prayer by Rev. J. P. Cleavcland, and Ihe Socielv aHi )urned.