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A Dignified Body

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The correspondentof iho Lowell Journal writee from Washington : ull;rc a scène of tbc gteatett confusioa ensued. The principal speakers wero Roosevelt.of N. York, Wioe, J. Q. Adtfrhs, Sprigg, of Ky., and the Speaker. Mr Roosevelt rusc to a point of order, but while he wae oxplaining it, the Speaker tmid it was nol a point of order,and ordered Mr. II. tu take nis sent. Thie order h repeated I should think half a dozen times, but Mr. Roosevelt stood hia giound mant'ully, and refused lo uit down. lie made hirusclf heard by all ibe House, at last. - Somelbiog in the proceediogs did not suit Mr. Adarns, and he refueed to vote. A memoer moved that he be conapelled, but Mr. Adama turned upon hiru vilh a rejoinder wbich I did nothear, but which set iho House ie a roar of laughler. Ever and anon would be heard the voice oí Mr, Sprigg, of Kentucky, calling out "Mr Speaker," in a tremedcus voice - rendcred more pcreroptory from tbe fací that ihe Speaker paid no attention to hlrn. uOr derl Order'. Order 1" resounded from all parts of the House. 'The House will come to order - gentlemen will take tbei seats," said the Speaker, every few mm ules, rapping the desk before him with his haramer. Members were continually ri eing Bnd commencing remarks, aad then would be heard the loud votce of Wr. VVise - "I cail the gentleman lo order." Somet remark would elicit shouts of laughter,- sometimes of derision - every queaticn asked the Speaker was replied to by avety individual member in his on manner.- - Nover did I witness 6ucb. a ecene of turmoil and disorder"