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The Jacícson Democrat haaan erticle cpncerning this personage whicb concludee thue: "There is only one thing Ihat surprises us, and that is, that those northern men wil) set day after day and be epit upon by ihia duslist and murderer. Wo blush for our nativa State, ouradopted State- and we blush to owrt ourselvea American citizena vvhen such character3 are sent to make la'vs at 8 dollars per diem, and belch forih their helliah and iiisuliingf dcfianceto our northern men, who with Bhame be it spoken, meekly bear all.' The patienco and not-dare-to-say-anything disposition manifested by the northern Whir members, and our Michigan Deleoration, are nol at all surprising to us. That was the price tvhich was paid by the Whig party to the 6laveholders for their national ascendcncy. The Democrats oro endeavoring to out bid their opponents by manifesting greater servility still. Witness the re cent votes in Congress on the reception of ptititions. How many Democratie members voted for the last GaL? Will you teil vis what you thiok of ijuch Dcmocracy, Mr. Democral?