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Agriculture In Michigan

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The Detroit Adverliaer of Feb. 10, conlains a valuabh; nriicle trom S.ow exhibiting the ojrricultfcral resources ar,d exporta of Michigan ín 1841. T.hp num, ber of persons engaged in Qgricqlture in 1840 mis 56,521. The entirc erop of whèat in 1841 is es. timatcd from.the best data al 3,000 000 bushels, and the average price being 70 cem?, brings the value of the erop at&2 100,000. Arnount of ;ill kinds of grai„' ruised in 1841, (estimated) 10,116,000. bushefe, There were cxporlcd (roni Mich.ran ast yonr, 314.G8G bis. of Flüur,valucd tl,573,420 294,515 busUis of Whsat, 28g!o27 20,730 barrels of IVk, 240 S7G Total arnount of uil the exports,$3(484.'278h is estirnnted thnt each inlmbirant of iMiciiigan consumes 5 bushels of Wheat requiring for home consumption, tle ()op.' " ulution bcing 2 12.0QO : 1 ,000,000 bushelsMr. Sxow calis theuitention ofthe farmers to u qaeslion ihey must soon settte viz; where shall a future rqarket for ou bread stuffs bc found 11 He snyp : "Heretofore the whole legialation und ireatjr Stio,[ ulasions ín refcrence to imposing duti?s bavè been to foster the cotton business. lf is now time that the people of the grain growing State3 iooked to their own interes's. Peiitions should be sent from every Town to the present Congress, who now have the afljustment of the Tariffqucsiion before them." Mr. Sow recommendü heavy countervailing duties on foreigmgoods, until the fureign güvernmentasliaï consent to remove the duties ihcy havo imposed upon our grain. We have the mpression, however, that negotiution bas hitherto been more effectual in proouring a favorable fureign market tor our producs rions, ihan any retaüatorv dutie?, however severo. In Michigan, thoee engnged in u"riculture, in proportion to those engaged in all the other deparUnents of industry,are six uud a half to one: in New England one and a half toone: in New York,two toone: in Ohio, three to one. ín 1840, Michigan produced to eaehinhabitanf, thirty cight end half bushete d grain: Ne vv York, twenty one btisIjeJs: - Eriglai)d and Wales, recent census,sixteeo and lliree fiiih bushcls. New England niises five and a qmirter bushels of Wheat to each inhabitant engag edin ögriculture: New York, 25 bushels: Ohio, twenty nine and two thirds: Michigan, ihirty ihree and two thirds. These faclsshow that the wcalth of our State is derived chicfly from the soil, and the intJustry beslowed on ii.