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Henry Clay, The Duellist

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-Itpenrs (rom tho followingdedaration of Mr Wisc, in the Houso of Representaties, that Mr. Ciay was at the boitom of the murder of Cilley, in the ffdir between hitn and Graves. Shall such a delibérate plotter of homicide ever become President of this Re,iublic by the help of Northern freemen? He never will. "Mr. Wise disclaimed havingnny thing to do with the preüminary business of the duel. So far frorn urging it on, ho had dune all he cou!d to prevent it,and stated ihat ihe Ker.tucky Senators, Messrs Clay and Crittenden had fixed ui! tho preliminaries. He only regretted that, nol havingapproved the preliminaries, höwas induced to go to the field. [Messrs Clay nr.d Crittenden wcre present in Ihe Hall.}