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RESOLUTIONS RELATIVO TO frLAVERV. YVherea?, domestic slnvery exista in lbo District of Columbia, under ihe express authpVity of Congress, which at the time oflhe cession of the District, re enacted the slavc codes of Maryland and Virginia; and, whereas, the sanction ihus given to sluvery, in is toleiation at the seat of governmen', forms a manifest violation, hv the nation, ofthefirst principies ufjustice, and has a tendency to corrupt the moral sense oflhe whole peoplc of the United W!(es: and whereas, the domestic siave trade, canied on in said District, is hs unjust in princip'e, and scarcely lss inhuman, tlmn the Á frican sluve trudc, iücreforc, Resolved, by the Senatc and House of Represenlatives, Thut our Senalors in Congress bo instructed, and our Repro sentalives be requesíed. to une thoir inflpence to procure, as early as poasibie, iirepcal of all iaws aulhorizlng slavery in the District of Columbia. Resolved, by ihe Senate and House of Representativep, That our Senators in Cungress be ins)trucled,nnd our Represen tatives be requested, to nse their utmost endeavors to prevent the ndoption, by ciiher House of Congress, of any rule, order, resotution, or usage, limitin; or impairing the constitjutional right of the people to petition Congress for the redress of grievttoces, Resolved, Tht no new State ought to be adinitted into the Uniun, the consii tution of which authorizes domeetic sla vey. Resolved, That his Excellency the Governor be requested to fonvard a copy of the furegoing resolutions to each of the Senators and Representatives in Congress from this State. 07-VVe pubhshed last week, a resolution purporting to have been ariopted by ihe Peterboro Convention, to the effect that they would nol take up arma to suppress nn insurrection of ilie shivcs. We do not iind it in tho oincial report of resolutions idopted.