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For The Signal Of Liberty

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Letter to the Editor
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Messbs Editors:- Permit me through the Signal to mnko a few suggesties lo the friends of universal liberty in Michigan. Beloved fricnrls and fellow lahnrer?, we are engaged under God in effbrts for the removal of one of the rnosc dnrk nnd ditmtiing evila thnt ever cursed n fallen world. In ourefforts for ihe accomlishment of thie noble object, we must expect oppositicn from thoso who riot upou ih e unrequited toiïs of crueheii humanity, who are ewuggling to defend their uefariou?, but darling inslitution, with helted pistol?, bowio kuives, and threats of dismernberment of the Union, and as iheir lost resort, in fiying to ihe Bible: "- The trulh of God Turn to a lie, deceiving and deceived, And witb tho cur6ed aorcery of ein, To their own wish and vile propensity, Transform the meaniug of the sacreü text.' We must expect il nlso, from those office 8eeking politiciaoá who ave ever clarnorous about poütical reform, and measures for the relief of the country, but if per chance they gel to Washington, nssumc tb.8 character ot despots ratber thnn servants gag tho naiion, rob the soveréign peopic of their dearest rights, bow obsequiously lo tho Moloch of the South, pay out of tbe pockets of the North for the support of a disgraceful war which had its origin in the instiiulion of slavery, ptir- chase blood-hounds at the expense of the nation tobe omployed in catctiing runaway slaves, and silently see the dearyst interests of ihe people sacrirlsed upon the altar of slavery. Oppositiou must also be Iooked for from those who, through prejudice or ignorance, speak evil of the things they UDderstand not, and thus wickedly oppose our holy enterprise. We are called to feel tho raging tornado of pro-slavery iuflueoce, both in our political and ecclesiastical relations. Already has this offspriog of the infernal pit poured the wuhering blast of his pestilential breath into our halls of legislation, and nlo evcry department of our beloved Zion. And thequestiun aristis, what ia to be dono by iho6e who are acquainted wilh the arena of liiis institution, to secure the fina.1 triumpb of our blessed cauee, and to wipe thi foul blot from, our natioaaL escutcheun anJ our bleeedjog Zon. We anwer, as Christiatis and metnbers of the church of Chri?r, tg must oney the apogtolic iojunction: ;tUave ro felluw.-hip wilh the uuf'ruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them."'1 Southerti slnvehxlders unJ Northern apologists must be excluded from our pulpits and our communion tables. We must aleo use our political privileges lor the glory of God, vote for Bucb and such only as are nncom pr-omising aboliiiomste. We must j uo to agítate this subject, to carry it to the uneophislicated portions oftho community, into every Town and School District - pour the füil blazo of Anti Slavery light upon the whole community, 6how the people thnt their liberties ara already subverted, and ihat our commercial and financia! einbarras8ments are j.ueUy chargeable upoo the iostituiioaof slavery. We shonld see thnt tho Liberty party ia ihnroughly organized in every Town and District, tbat 6uitable cimiTiitteeR are nppointed to take the supervisión of tbe cause, to correspond with the County committees, appointmeet ing?, secure suitahle persoas to address thera, and to supply the community, as far ns possible, ith tho means of information on this subject, and todo all in their power to extend the circulation of Uie Sig-nal. Tho extensive circulation of our pnper íb hbsolutely indispensable to the interests of our cause. The poblé and independent stand taken by tbe Signal, bas onjr since endeared it lo every true friend ;f jiberty, aod wo can, and must, and will SUStsno if. And now, brethren, wbatshull be doue? Shall this important work be neglected, and onr cause bo sufTered to laflgui&h? If not, let every abolilionist imrnediately enter the field, take lmld oT tbe work in enncert, nnd it will be done. J havo many things that 1 wish to say, bnt must defer them for ihe present. Your friend and fellow-laborfir in the cause of Emanr'inntion,