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War In Defence Of The Slave Trade--slavebreeding Senators

War In Defence Of The Slave Trade--slavebreeding Senators image
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Shall we go to war wiih England because she rofuses to make her laws auxiliary to the mainlenance of our Souihern "system," - because 6he persista ín considering cvery human being that seis íoot on hersoil as "entitled to liberty" according to our Declaration of Independence? Yes;, our slavebreeding masters in Congresa are Leginning to say so, and our poor truckling free State Senators and-llepresentatives receive the intinmtion with due submission. King, the fire-ealer, frotn Alabama, ppenking on the Creóle case - the siuna.iu which our unfortutiate Senator, Porter, showed that he had undertaken more than his manhood enalied him tu carry througb - the fireeatcr King said - "He solemnly believed if sle [Britain] continued to comnnt sueh outragee ihai noth'tng could prevent collision beUveen the two nations. Tiie sectioa of country from whieh he came would not much longer submit to it." Here's the cue fur you, duughfaces. Do you demur? itesilate-ye lodo the will uf your masters? Remember the fate of our Michigan Senatois. - See the 8eans on his back not yet healed, and tuko svarning, count the cost bcfore you begin to cali your t-ouis your own and to rise uj. gainst your inusiers, the knights of the whip and cowtkin . But if Senator Kingfif? not oxplicit enough fur you, He ar wiAalfeiother slavebreeding Senator (:Curiov,"of Louisiana) say3--"The people of the South kèke the last to submit to the precarious principies of international law, as explained by Great Britain - the Government of which draws a distinction between slavcs and goods, wares and merchandize. And because she [Britain] has abolibhed slavery, she will not recognize the principies which I Southern men assert." "If ! these contemptible British Eubjects nt Nas sau were permiited to seize - to seize by force of arras any s'aves belonging to American cilizons, and liberale them, the South would be compelled to fit outan rmament and detroy Nassau and also the towns which trampled undcr foot the laws of uaiions, and the rights of American citizens. This seizure of domestic property was not more high handed than if the Brit uli placed oruieia ot the mouttt of lbo Chesapeake or at the mouih of any other harbor and seized the slaves fur the purpose of taking them to Jamaica or to the Bahamas," &.c. &.c. Now, huw aro we, as anation, disgraced by the effusions of such a Gascón in the Senatel The whole nation once delighted to speak of the Senate as one of the most dignified and wise of dehberative bndies. But 'cis not so now. It is sunk - degraded by the insolence and the vulgariiy of women-floggers and traffickers in huinnn flesh. lts dogradaiion as to m(3re dcmewior comraenccd wiih the drunken cflusionsof Juhn Randolph,and il hus been going on ever since. pari passu, wiih the acendancv of Southern iniluence.How must such a speech as Senator Barrow'd iippear toan intelligent foreigner? Might hc not aak - does the South give law to this country? Has slie ihe ascendency in population, wealih, intelhgenceandreprcscntation? Can the soulh singly declare war, and can she, under the constitution, fit out an armament tu at tack the contemptible British sul)jects al Nassau or elsewherc, and this too, tbr treutihg all persons on her own soil as free till they are duly charged with crime - for treatmg as true the Declaratiun of Independence - forobeving the laws of their own country, and refusing to act as the panJera to slavebreeders? Has not Brit ain as good a rigíit to maintain on her own soil the law of liberty, as the South has to maintain on hers the law of slavery? Is i t more consistent with the law of naiions to ñog women ond sell their little children tlian to honor the one and edúcale the other? Will the Drawcansirs lead in person the expedilion3 against the contempitLle Biitish subjccls of Nassau? Fy 1 fy 1 Isn it too tnuch that this noble country - this once free people, should be brought to such a pass - that such overt plunderers of iheir fellow creatures because they are poor, should so audacious ly insult a whule nation, [as Barrows, King, Calhoun, &,c] Bul il is even so - slavery has 80 far degraded us, that we scarceiy have manhood enough left to fcel that being pulled by the ears or kicked, I won't say where - if it only be done by a negro'whipper, is in any way to be feit as an indignity. But, doughfaces, if neither the fireeater King, nor the vulgar Gascón, Barrow, are of sufficient authority, hear one to whomyou will hearken, - John Calhoun - himself a slavcbreeder, and muster-masler general of the whole corps. "He wanted the country to be true to itself [in this war inlo which we of the South, despairing of all otber meansof maintaining our system, are about to plunge it] let there be no división; ho would look lo every mnn with an AmericHii heari to raise his hand against oppression." Dough faces givo heed. - Thta ii; frum your master.