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Inconsistent Or Hypocritical

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- whiclishall cali n? The Tennesáee Annual Conference lately Resolved, That we will as soon aa practi cable, find out the uumber of destitute families within our bounds, and will endeaor to ! furnish them with a copy üt thelloly Scrip. ! tures." Now there are many thoiisand families of colored persons in that State whom the Conference never intended to eupply with the Bible. The American Bible Society does not dialribuie that olume among slavcs! Oral instruction, adopted ín mitation of the Catbolics, is thonght to be justj the thing for poor ignorant slavesi Why not make that exception in the Resolutioii, and declare things as they are? Democracy and abu! ilion are the same thing. Do you doubt itï Then Jisten to the voice of R. M. Johnson, our democratie Ex. Vice President, from Kenlucky: This is the land of thé f ree, and the home of the brave: and we have an UJYDOUBTBDRlGHTlo SYMPATHISE WITH THE OPPRESSED; to FEED THE HUJVGRY AND CLOTHE THE NAKE ü: FR OM IVHERESOE VER THEY MAY AP PEAL. We have the right, and may we never be wanting in the disjwsition. TO AID IN THE VISENTHRALLMENT OF OPPRESSED MAN, whether under an Iiieh or an Eastern sun."