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For The Signal Of Liberty

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Letter to the Editor
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Me srs. Editors:- rWtmtislheo' jnct f tho American Ternperance Uaion ? Whnf , i: lite object ut' its auxiliarles? Wliart is the object which unites the friends of percnce in solid column tigainst the i gressious of miemperance? I need not fbrge reasons to make capital for robbing alcohol of its channs. In reply to these queslions allow me to sny by tvay of "slirring up the pure minds" of your readerf, 1. Health. Lel the requiem of falling hosts remind us that it is tune 'Ho o wake and save ihe empire." Let the deathdirge every year of 40 thousund citizens of this reptiblic "teil the story of ihéjr wrongs." object ia 2. Practical cconomy in using the mcans of subsisteijce. The uma thut have been chargecl upon the grrat ledger of intempsrence, have rendered the annual loss to this nation nt Iea9t one hundred milüona of dollars. Should not this furnisli grouud for serious refleclion? 3. Domeslic happiness and social order. Futís ate stranger than the language óf fiction. lf the ruined fortune- tin' prosirated henlth und the Joss of characfer which have resultedirom the use of ardent spirit were kBown, the piclure drawn, would urou8e our sympatluea íbr iho suíferings o' liumanity? 4. The inil'..oiice of temporenen on the moral and intellectual families. Man hns a spiritual nature, flow ihis nature wither8 under the influcrice of these puisons i The language of the inebríate may with j'iatice resemble the words of tho exile of Si. Helena whoonce said in a rêverie - "In thofe days I was Napoleon. Noyv, 1 arn nolhing- niy strength, niy facuiticB iorsake me. 1 no longer live. I only exit." Men of shining talünt?, hy ardent spirit become the mere ignobile vulgus of the human species. 5. Abstiuence is one of the neeespary foundations of' all practical piety. VV'hen every pulsation of the heart beats in love to rum, it is a sure sign that in that heart the molions of the angelic throng are n"t to be fuund. The fruit of the spirit is !ove - love for what? not for u burning pliikon. Temperance is ihe support, and ihe body guard of pure virtue and pure religión. - Agntn, our object is 6. Toguaiantee the welAire of our Hepublic. Was Judas an apuptate for raen íicing his njasler? Was it treason for Calaline to seek the subversión of tho Ro man Senatc. And did Arnold meri'.ihe indignant iïown of the w rIJ for itriíung j the surrenderol'West Poinv? These facis will beadmitted. And for the sume reason we demand why rurnsellers are not meriling the same doom? These men are the Goihs and Vandals, who with weapons come up for the destruciion of the Aniercan people. Against them the cause o) temperance presenta an orgnnized resistunee, and, 1 trust, will soon,dcfeat ils en emies. kStrong were thy focs; but Ihe arm that subdued them, And scatter'd their legions, was mightier far: Tboy fled Üke the chafFfrom tho scourge that pursned them, Vain were their Bteeds aod their chariots of war." Let the spirit of the times eanction the unlimited use of intoxicating beverages, and this would soon, far more endanger the interc6ts of Americaus, than could, a hundred thousand spiritcd victorioustroops. These rumsellers whose professioii continúes to be sanclioncd by public sentiment, are the kites and cormorantp, uho feast upon the sinking energies of the hrnve. In resisting their nggressions the friends of our republic have an object in view worth the aticntion of true pnlriots.