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For The Signal Of Liberty

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At a meeting in ihe town of Pittsfurd, Hillsdale county, called for lbo purpoe of fbrming ananti-slavery society, on Thursdy, February 3, 1842, the meeting was callod to order by James Phillips. They made choice of A. Duno, for President and II. Grinel!, Secretary. The meeting whs then addressed by Lester Munroe, James Phillips, Dnvid Monroe, and James H. Thomas. The constituiion was presented, and signed by a nurub r: it was then moved to imend the 8ti article, so as not lo exclude members from wiihholdmg their votes from ofticers in the town or county, provided no liberty ticket shall be in the to wn or county. The following perdona were elected of- fi:ere: LESTER MONROE, President. Ë. B.Tuumhull, VicePieJt. James Phillum, Secretai-y. Benoni Moon, "ï David Munroe, Ex. Com. Arcii'ld Dunn, ) On molion, Resolved, that the proceedig9 of this meeting be sent to the Signa) for publicatton. ARCIIICALD DUNN, President. II. W. Gkinelï,, Sec'y. Putsford, Feb.ll, 1842. ttTThe N. Y. Express speaks of tho Ad dress from Ireland,aigncd by 60,000persoiis, as being designed to rnake abolitionists of the repealers. The Express adds; 'Thu9 we begun n thie country to mterfere with Irish politics, and lrishmen ia Ireland, in return, cali upou tbcir countrymen hero tu meddle with ours."