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flHave you made your Liberty norainationg ia your town? If you have not, see that it is done immediately. Be in advance of the other parties, and tliereby show prac tically that you are really independeut Of Ihera. Nomínate good men for office- support thein zealously, persevoringly and honorably and you will find your labor not in We shall expect our friends generally to let U8 hear from them after the towc elec tions - afcd we need nnt 8ay that we expect to hear"a good report."OOn the first j)age will be found the debate on the Jury Tiial. We shall publish the yeas ind naj's as soon as we End them, ït the people of the State inay know what bind of Democracy their representativee ïi the last page are extracta from speech ín Congress. showing thofeeling of the more moderate southern)litionÍBm. Mr A is tlescribed as 9, rotigh man, but his remarks ehow judgment and good sense. Notice his tion, tbat "he was afraid to vote at tno right of petilion, because he did noi know hotc toon the Sovth might come here as a fetitioner kerself y{LOur friends in Detroit have nonu naled a Liberty Ticket throughout ; for Mayor, Aldermen, AsBessors.School Inspectors.&c. A good beginning this for the new We ehall look for a large increase in the Liberty vote. A public meeting was appointed to be held at the City Hall on tbe 2Gth uit. - Tho nomiaation was as follows: For Mayen - M W Btrchari. For Aldermen - First ward, Charlea H . Stewart; 2d waïd.WiUïamBarnum; 3d ward j JWarlin Wilson; 4th ward, Horace Hallock; 5th ward, George F.Porterj 6th ward, Alanson Sheely. For Assessors - lst ward, Alanson Wilcox; 2d ward E. D. Fisher; Sd ward, Alexander AicFarrand; 4lh ward, Cullen I3rown; 5th ward, William Scott; 6th ward, Thos. ArmBtrong. For Justice of the Peacc. - Thomas Chris tian. For School Inspectora - let ward, WT. Perry, Juhan I . Walker; 2d ward, W. S. Osborne, Samuel Zugg; 3d ward, Joseph Cuffin. Dr. Stebbins; 4th ward, James F. Joy, Francis Rayroond; 5th ward, Waltet Doe, Josepb L. Peters; 6th ward, J D Baldwin, James Stewart.OJThe number of printing officra in ihe Uuned Slates in 1840, waa 155S: weekly newapapers, H4l: dailies, 138; olher news papers, 125. Number of periodicals, 2i7.'


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