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What A Change! Maxwell, Webb And Noah

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A meeting was held, the otherday, n New York, the Mayor presiding, to tender toMr. Charles Dickens (Boz) of London, a suitable welcome on his arrival in that city. The meeting "resolved" lat, That Mr.Dickens wasentitled tosuch welcome "not because of his talents alone, but i consideration of the noble use he has made of these, in vindicaling the rights, claims, and feelings of humanity at lar ge without distinction of ranjc or circumstance." - 2d, That as "Republicana we arebound to thank him who hsw in his writings so eloquently maintained tbe cauBe of the humble and opprcssed, who oxhibits in every line hia own keen sensiJbilily to wrong; the pervadirïg spirit of all whose works is a touching llustration of the truth, that, in he elementary cnnstilution of men there isno difference, whatever circumst8nce may have created" and 3d, and lastly, "That all the gentlemen present, and such others" &c. "constitute agenerul conjmittee." The names of the "gentlemen present" are given; and really it looks a little queer lo see somp of them in such a connexion. First, there is Mr. Maxwell, the colonizationist - and if it is not Mr. Maxwell the colonizationist, we most humbly beg the gentleman' pardon. Mr. Maxwell, we say, than whom few men have a more hearty detestation of the cause of "humanity" ai home, h.owrously soever he may love it ilat largc" who hates the "humble auil oppressed" of his own country - who exhibits not the slightest " sensibility" to thO deepest wrongs that 'humanity" can 6uffer herej who hus publicly, almo3t time of rut of mind, insistedon it, that beiween ihc humble and oppressed" oí this country and their oppressors, there is a-" difference" so great as to.mak.eit utterly impossible, thal they can ever dweil together in amity jinder equal laws. This same Mr. Max well "offered5 the resoluiions. Anoiher of the "gentlemen preseni" vas James Watson Webb, of the Courier and Enquirer; the same who was amongst the earüe8t nstigators.of the mob in New York; who in this way, was instrumenta in huntingtiie aboütionists out ofthei houses - in burning Lewis Tappau's furaiture in the streets and who has beei Irom thai time to ihis, the most unremitting,impudent reviler of all who are enga ired "ii vindicalins the rishts and claimsand feelings" ofhumanity at horne. Then thees was Mordecai Manasseh Noah - numbered too, among the "gentlemen present." His honest tame cnakes it whully superfluous to make mention of panticulars. These two, to say nothing of sundry olhcra ofwhose "!oings"in conaexion with the cause of the "humble and oppressed"' among U9, a goud deal inight be said, these two, Webb and Nuah, were actually numbered among the "gentlemen,'' and 3q now membnrs of a hu-manity atZanr'e-commillee! Credat Judaeus - weiv ere on the point of saying; bul no - the thing is not only believable by a Jevv, bul here isaJew himself enacting the ibing to be believed. Well after all, we will hope sorne good to come out of this queer proceeding; and thut these worib-y neophytes of the New York meeting - especially Maxwell, VVebb and Noah rjmy enjy all the pleasure that renovated and sincere hearts can derive from succoring ihe utoumble and oppressed.." Yel we can't repress a wish that we have - that Mr. Dickens, whorn we eet down,ofcoursc, as a real abolitionist, would Iry the genuineahip of their high profesons. We öhould atmost fcar to sto him give them one good rub - such as - "To Arlhur Tap'pan, the vindicator of the rights and claims and feelings of humanüy at home, as well as at largel" If they stand this, I we will let them, hencefortb, go unwhipt - at least till they comnait sonae fresh offence.


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