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Washtenaw Presbytery: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Narrative of the state of religión in Ihe bounds of the Presby%ry of Washtenaw, ns reported at iheir meeting at Salem, Feb. 9, 1842. For most of 1841, the state of religinus feeling was distressingly low throughout our buund3. At our staled meeling in Sept. last, one uniied cry of spiritual dearth carne up from all our churches. - That meeting was in many respects inferesting. It was a meltingscason to all the members in attendance. We have reason to believe that then "the fountain3 of the great deep were broken up," and stream8 of mercy began tofluw. At our present meeting, accounts of deep jnierest have been presented. In almost etfery instance, the reports from the churchee have been encouraging; indicating that "ihe time to favor Zion has come." In the congregations in Ypsilanti and Saline, God has appeared in his glory to build up his kingdom. Particulars of thrilling interest were mentioned; but they cannot be properly woven into his narrative. We can only say that we hope many have "thought on their waye, and lurned their feel unto ihe divine testimonies." On other places, some mercy drops have fallen. We are not prepared to report how muny in ail our churches huve witbin a few months "passed irom deaih unto life."Subbaih Schools are profperous in most of our congregaüons. God is owning these as nurseries of piety. The slave is not forgotlen . The wrongs of the oppressed are awakening the sympathies,and calling forlh the prayer?,and enlisting the eneïgies of Gotl's people.- We fondly hope the day is near when "ev ery yoke shall be broketi, and the oppress ed go free." May God hasten the day when every human being shall eojoy the "natural and inalienable rights ot man." The cause ui Temperance is moving furward with unexampled power. A class of persons, hitherio regarded as almost hopelcss, bas betnreacbed. Manyn our bounds have within a few weeks ashed, we hope forever, ihe poisonouscup rom their Ups. Many, formerly degraded nd apparently lost, have been reclaimed; nd aro now "cloihed in their right inind." Ve praise God for this deliver8nce, and ledge ourselves,and cali upoii the church-j s under our care, to come up lo the work f purifyingthe world from the shamoand in and sorrow of using intoxicaling liquors as a beverage. In view of every token of divine favor, ve thaok God and take courage. We would aurround the Ihruno of Jehovah, and 'give him no rest, till he establish, and ill he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth." On behalf and bv order of Preebyterv,


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