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A con trove rsv has beengoing on for the bist six or etght y.emrs, concernmg aboütion petition, in which the petitioners have been constantly defeated. The crisis seetns to he approaching, in which they are to be finally successful. Many circumstanccs indícate a chango of sentiment and actiun at the norih. Norlhern feeling has been deeply aroused on scveral occasions, and has been exbibited in a very decided man ner. The onposition to Everett lastaummcr, awakened many who had befóte been dormant,and his rejeciion woukl lHve prodiiced a fearful exciietnent. The proceedings against Mr. Adams - his pówërful defence, and assault in turn - and the complete discomfiiure of his assailants, havo had a still wider influence, and their consequences cannot vet be fully eslimated. An eutire rcvolution is proirresping at the Nortb, for good or for evil. Slavery will be,ere long, in one form or another, a grent question. Many other thins, norih and suuth, home industry and iree trade- foreign aud domestic policy - the presidency, will be mixed up wilh it. We pray for


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