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The correspondent of iho American Cazen writee:Morehead, of Ky , mado a long and rather effective speech in (avor of Mr. Clay's tinkering projecls, hy whicii twu iöur8 of goud time wero wa6teí. I may as well give you a summary of iwo of theee speeches, now, as at any time. SuppoBe, hen, you are listening to Clat. His full, and soraetimes clear and musical, at other times rough voice utters now and thon such words as these: "Veto- British kiog- tyranny - guards and check6 - will of the )eop!e - one man-corruption - bnbery - ove of m-y cuuniry - 1 have done." Imagine the interval filled up with any numjer of connecüng particlea, taken at random from the Whig papers, last autntner, and you have tont ensemble. Turn to the other side, Buchanan with his silver locke, and open manly face, and loud, clear ringing voice, and independent, fearless, air, replies, and you catchsuch words as "glorious Constitution; rights of minoriiies preserved; men of talent in Congress ueeded for other offices, bribery! I scorn it wisdom of our fathers; let well enough alone"; filled up as before, from the Globe and you have all the thoughts. Oh, it is' o waste of time moet etupid, most foul. The leetle eend of Southern dignit) stuck out, aftervard8; a number of members, boardlng together, proposed to give a a dinner to Lord Morpeth; and to make i pleasant, to invite in a few more friends gentlemen of distinction. All assentec cordially. But when some one propose to invite Mr. Adams, a Virginiamemoer objected. lie could npt associate with Mr. Adaras, not he ! 1 ! ! ! '. ! (put in as many ! as you pleasc, and cuution your readers not to laugh over it ou a full stomach.) - Feb. 28, Mr. Giddiin'gs presentad a petitton of citizens of Ashtabula county, Ohio, for any amicable división of the Unk ted States, by a line running between the slave and the free States, setting forth the inequality of burdens on the 6lave nnd the free Sta.tts, the national disgrace of plavery, &c. as reasons for their prayer. Mr. G. moved the reference to a seleci commíttee wiih instructions to report againstthe pctition, and the reasons tiierofor. The House refused to reccive the petitionj yeas,24; naysllC. Mr. Kennedy, of Md. offered a resolution, declaring tho presenting of 6uch a pe titien a derogation to the dignity of the House, and any person presenting one should be Hable to censure. Olijection vú8 made, and Mr. Pendleton oflered a similar resolution, and moved to 6usjen( the rules for its reception, which whu re fused, veas, 104, naya 65.(Lj-S. 15. Treadwell, acknowledges the rcceipt of One Dollar frora Josejdi Eldcr towarda liquidating the amouut due him from the State A. S. Society.